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Friday October 24, 2014

Congress member Castor says women and doctors should make healthcare choices not a few older white men

Legislation that could undo the effects of the controversial Hobby Lobby Supreme Court ruling is stalled in Congress. The “Not my Boss’s Business Act” would force employers who don’t offer health insurance that includes contraceptive coverage to start carrying it even though the Supreme Court said they don’t have to. Tampa area Congress member Kathy Castor spoke out against what she sees as a blatant attack on women during a rally in downtown Tampa Monday.

“We’re going to have a little di...

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HART's Board of Directors with Rich Clarendon of MPO leading the discussion.

photo by Crystal Farina

Despite new maps, still no plans for Tampa light rail

A new draft for a possible light rail system running from the USF area to Downtown Tampa and toward Westshore did not go far Monday morning. Based on the Hillsborough Area Regional Transit board meeting, rail supporters shouldn’t hold their breath.

The Tampa Downtown Partnership requested the study and a certified planner, Rich Clarendon of Metropolitan Planning Organization, said the route will cost less than a billion dollars— much lower than what bigger cities like Charlotte or Port...

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Emergency response vehicles lined sections of MOSI in June for the city's anual hurricane expo.

photo by Janelle Irwin

For a day, hurricane preparedness focus is on East Tampa

For the first time, emergency planners in Tampa hosted a hurricane expo in East Tampa Saturday. Oliver Greene with Tampa’s office of emergency management said the city wanted to make sure it reached residents who don’t often make it to the larger expo held every June.

“There’s other portions of the city and county that don’t always make it out that sometimes get overlooked or they sometimes just have challenges where they can’t make it.”

The expo was at the NFL YET Center in Jackson He...

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Tampa experts discuss preparing for a hurricane

We’re in the middle of hurricane season and today on Radioactivity we talk with some local experts about hurricane preparedness.

Hurricane season began on June 1st and runs until November 30th. The peak time for hurricanes is in the next few months. The show welcomes three experts on hurricane preparedness who discuss a big hurricane information expo tomorrow in Tampa.

Rob Lorei speaks to Jason Penny who is a public information officer with Tampa fire Rescue, Chauncia Willis, who is t...

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Israel sends ground troops into Palestine - just or unjust?

More than 240 Palestinians have already died in the air campaign, including 14 children under age 12 killed over the past two days, according to Palestinian health officials. One Israeli has also died. That information comes from the Boston Herald. Other reports throughout the day have listed the number of Palestinian deaths since Israel’s ground invasion last night upwards of 20 with exact numbers varying depending on the source.

The Israeli operation began around 10 p.m. yesterday. Thei...

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Palestinian supporters in Tampa come out in droves to protest Israeli invasion

Hundreds of people from the Muslim community and their supporters crowded the corner of The Fowler Avenue and 56th St.

Mohammad Joseph Salamaeh was one of the first to arrive to the large protest near USF Tampa. The group waved Palestinian flags and held signs reading, “Palestine Under Attack” and “You don’t need to be Palestinian to stand with Palestinians.” Another sign said, “Stand with Israel with a slash through Israel and the Star of David.

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Nadine Smith, executive director Equality Florida

photo by Sean Kinane, WMNF News 2012

Marriage Equality victory in Monroe County could be the door LGBTQ advocates have been looking for

Same sex couples in Florida could soon be able to marry in the state. But there’s a catch – it only applies to Monroe County. Yesterday, a judge there ruled the state’s ban on same-sex marriage unconstitutional. It’s not yet clear when same-sex couples will be able to marry in Monroe County which includes the Florida Keys. That’s on hold until after the state’s appeal is complete.

Nadine Smith is the executive director for Equality Florida.

"Yesterday was a huge day in a real quantum ...

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From a Woman's POV discusses fracking in Florida and Medea Benjamin shares stories of Gaza

NO to Fracking in Florida… and elsewhere…!!!!!

Oh, yes! Perhaps not the hydraulic fracking that we have covered on this show and you have seen in the press. This is acid or chemical fracking. The oil is in the limestone, just dissolve the limestone – you get the rest…. PATTY WHITEHEAD, co-director of Preserve Our Paradise, will discuss this issue.

SHILPA JOSHI, [Chesapeake Climate Action Network](

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Professor David Hastings

Florida scientists request meeting with Gov. Rick to discuss climate change

Today on Radioactivity, Rob Lorei speaks with Science Professor David Hastings about climate change in Florida. He teaches Marine Science & Chemistry at Eckerd college and his specialities include chemical oceanography and paleoclimatology, the study of past climates.

Yesterday Gov. Rick Scott said his administration would be "happy to meet" with 10 scientists from Florida colleges and universities who want to talk about climate change, a subject he has been reluctant to address.

A ...

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Former Congressman Jim Davis on Charlie Crist, Annette Taddeo, immigration & other issues

Jim Davis represented Tampa in the House of Representatives from 1996-2006, when he stepped down and ran as the Democratic nominee for governor against then Republican Charlie Crist. The former congressman has been part of the Democratic Party establishment in Florida who has been resistant so far to Crist; Davis admits he was part of a group that worked hard to persuade Senator Bill Nelson to run for the nomination. In our half-hour discussion, we discussed Crist; his selection of Annette Ta...

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