Art in Your Ear says thanks with SKULLS?

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Skulls? What kind of twisted logic is that?

It is a tradition for Art in Your Ear to offer artist painted light up skulls as a THANK YOU gift during the Fall Pledge Drive. This year Marianne Wysoki, Natty Moss Bond, and Jennifer Kosharek made skulls for our fantastic listeners. I have one in there too!

We would never ignore Halloween!

What is really scary is the idea that we wouldn’t do our part for WMNF, the best little station in the nation. Art in Your Ear is tasked with raising $2,000 this drive. You can help by donating what you can afford. Maybe that is $5 a month as a Circle of Friends donor (then you are making a nice donation and not feeling any pain). Perhaps you love all the shows we have had on the air, and want to give $500. WOO HOO!

Our skulls can be sent to you with our deepest thanks for pledges of $100 or more!

Why should you give your hard earned money to Art in Your Ear and WMNF?

Great question! We are the only local broadcast show on the arts. We are the place where artists can come and have a conversation about what is behind their work. Just as important is the idea and hope that everyone listening believes that they have creative energy and it is vital to let it loose upon the world. GO MAKE STUFF! Sing! Draw! Cook! Love! Believe that it is there, because it is.

Plus we play kick ass music. Thank you for all you do. xoxoxo

You can hit the tip jar right here!

Hit that Jive, Jack!