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No Pasarán! The Ybor City women who fought fascism

Women's political activism in Ybor City, Florida and their fight against fascism at home and abroad during the time of the Spanish Civil War.
Kirk Bogan with St. Luke AME Church and Jerry Nealy with St. Matthew Missionary Baptist Church at the C. Blythe Andrews Library in East Tampa

Souls to the Polls gets out the early vote

In the weekend leading up to Tampa’s municipal election, the NAACP and members of historically African American churches gathered for Souls to the Polls at an early voting site to educate and encourage residents to...

Fascist Dictatorship in Florida

Kim Jackson joins the discussion to explore the question of growing dictatorship in Florida as the Governor moves against the Advance Placement African American History course. A fast and furious assault on voting rights and...

“The Importance of Self-Education” on Morning Energy

Since 2005, many people from around the world have been collectively commemorating the loss of victims of the Holocaust. January 27th was chosen as the International Holocaust Remembrance day because this day marks the anniversary...
abortion rights rally

MidPoint: FL House Rep. Michele Rayner Discusses the Election

Michele Rayner is going to be re-elected to the Florida House, but she’s still worried about this election. Rayner has been gerrymandered into a new Democratic District 62.

MidPoint: Are Russian influence agents operating in local politics?

New federal criminal charges against Alexandr Ionov, a fugitive Russian national, allege a malign foreign influence operation in St. Petersburg, FL elections. Noted national security journalist Marcy Wheeler, aka @emptywheel, and Prof. Golfo Alexopoulos, Dir....

MidPoint: The Search for Justice at the Dozier School for Boys

Noted University of South Florida forensic anthropologist Erin Kimmerle discusses her investigations of undocumented deaths and missing persons and her new book, "We Carry Their Bones: The Search for Justice at the Dozier School for...

MidPoint: The Bones of The Dozier School

Florida's Dozier School for Boys was open for 111 years in Marianna, Florida, and had a long history of terror, abuse, and disappearances. The school closed in 2011, but the search for the bones and...

WaveMakers: Uncovering Tampa’s Black History with Fred Hearns

Fred Hearns, the curator of Black History at the Tampa Bay History Center, discusses some of Tampa's forgotten, neglected and buried past.

Jimmie B. Keel, social worker and pastor, has died.

Jimmie Keel, social worker and pastor, has died. Jimmie Keel served as Hillsborough County’s first Black social worker.

Surly Voices: Civil Rights are still our fight

This week on Surly Voices, hosts Liz and Donna tackle the modern movements of civil rights, both within the state of Florida and outside. From the ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill to the anniversary of Bloody...
WMNF Interview with Lois Lowry and Colette Bancroft

MidPoint: The Age of Censorship with Lois Lowry and Colette Bancroft

The banning of books and the prohibition against teaching real, accurate history used to be the plot of dystopian novels and Nazi policy in Germany in 1933, but now it's part of our reality. WMNF...

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