The Plight and Promise of Africa

The Plight and Promise of Africa was an educational and global awareness initiative of Eckerd College in 2010. Throughout the year WMNF reported on various lectures and community events that were a part of the college’s initiative. Alizza Punzalan-Hall is the director of Community and media relations and co-chair of The Plight and Promise of… Read more »

USF Student questions Obama on human rights in the Middle East

President Obama answered questions from the audience during his speech today at University of Tampa. USF student Laila Abdelaziz asked Obama the first question. Laila Abdelaziz: “Hello Mr. President, my name is Laila Abdelaziz. I’m a student at the University of South Florida.” President Barack Obama: “Hey Laila” [crowd boos] President Barack Obama: “Uh oh,… Read more »

Transgendered persons are the latest group protected against discrimination in Tampa

Transgender individuals can now count themselves among the classes protected by Tampa’s human rights ordinance. Today City Council updated the ordinance on a 5 to 1 vote, despite opposition from some religious groups. Equality advocates consider today’s decision a victory for human rights. Tabias Packer with Equality Florida, a statewide LGBT rights organization, applauded the… Read more »

Transgendered citizens could be protected by Tampa’s Human Rights Ordinance after a second reading.

Tampa City Council passed an ordinance today which would amend the city’s Human Rights Ordinance to add “gender identity and expression” as a protected class. The amendment will now include transgender-identified individuals as a recognized group to be considered for equal treatment under the law. Philip Dinkins is the Chair of the City of Tampa… Read more »

USF Hate Crimes Summit

An all-day event at the University of South Florida today focused on building awareness and direct action to solve hate crimes issues in Florida and around the nation. It was sponsored by the College of Education and the Florida Commission on Human Relations. Frank Hernandez, the student government director of diversity and multicultural awareness, is… Read more »