Deaf and Hard of Hearing ways to communicate after a weather emergency

Five questions for the director of the Florida Division of Emergency Management

Kevin Guthrie has been director of the Florida Division of Emergency Management since April 2021.
Hurricane Idalia storm surge Gulfport Florida wmnf

2024 is predicted to be a ‘very, very busy’ hurricane season

Colorado State University researchers issued a forecast pointing to warm Atlantic Ocean water that fuels storms.
Hurricane prep

The 2024 hurricane season begins in a couple of months. Here’s what emergency managers want you to know.

Florida emergency management offices are sharing their safety tips to empower residents to act ahead of potential storms.
Hurricane Idalia

National Flood Insurance Program has paid out $364 million for Hurricane Idalia claims

The National Flood Insurance Program has paid out $364 million to cover damage to homes and businesses from 2023's Hurricane Idalia.
Window home repair

Home hardening money approved by the Florida Legislature

A home-hardening grant program designed to help reduce property-insurance costs could get another $200 million from the state.
storm warnings and watches Lee County

When the Florida-run Hurricane Ian fund swelled, DeSantis allies got fast money but others were forced to wait

After Hurricane Ian, Florida handed out millions of dollars in “expedited” grants to organizations with political ties to Ron DeSantis.
Hurricane Idalia

St Pete receives funding for homeowners impacted by hurricane

St Petersburg has recently received $600,000 from the state of Florida to help homeowners impacted by Hurricane Idalia
Hurricane Idalia

Florida says Duke Energy can collect $92 million from customers to recover costs from Hurricane Idalia

State regulators Tuesday approved a plan by Duke Energy Florida that includes collecting $91.9 million from customers in 2024.
Hurricane Idalia

Insured losses in Florida from Hurricane Idalia hit $309.5 million

Estimated insured losses from Hurricane Idalia have reached $309.5 million, while claims have topped 25,000 in Florida.
Ron DeSantis

Ron DeSantis seeks more money for Florida’s emergency fund after using funds for non-emergencies

House Minority Leader Fentrice Driskell, D-Tampa, said a negative cash balance “looks like a blemish on our financial planning.”
Hurricane Idalia

Florida Senate passes bill for Hurricane Idalia aid and funding for My Safe Florida Home

The bill providing $176 million to the My Safe Florida Home program for matching grants up to $10,000 to help homeowners with weatherproofing.
storm warnings and watches debris destruction

Florida Legislators approve providing appropriate funding for the ‘Safe Florida Home’ program

The Florida House voted 110-0 to approve a bill to cover 17,000 already-submitted applications to the My Safe Florida Home program.

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