Manatee commission closer to solution as Piney Point contamination keeps Tampa Bay on brink of disaster

Manatee County Commissioners met Tuesday to consider possible remedies for the nearly 750 million of contaminated process water sitting at the Piney Point Reservoir near Port Manatee and the shores of Tampa Bay. The site’s capacity is rapidly decreasing with less than 11 inches of rain standing between it and an environmental disaster for Tampa… Read more »

Radioactivity Wednesday: Adam Jentleson on the Filibuster and how it’s Crippling Democracy

February 3, 2021 Good morning. Welcome to WMNF’s Radioactivity. I’m Rob Lorei. Yesterday Senate Democrats took a first step toward passing a coronavirus relief bill — with or without GOP support. The Senate voted 50-49 to proceed to a budget resolution that greenlights passing a separate coronavirus relief bill through reconciliation, avoiding a 60-vote legislative filibuster…. Read more »

Tampa Electric Apollo Beach Big Bend Power Station CO2

Radioactivity Tuesday: Preparing for the Climate Crisis; Creating a National Popular Vote for President

February 2, 2021 Good Morning, welcome to Radioactivity. I’m Rob Lorei.  Our first guest is author and New York Times contributor David Pogue. He is a five-time Emmy Award-winning technology and science correspondent for CBS Sunday Morning and host of 20 science specials on PBS NOVA.  Pogue has written a new book called HOW to… Read more »

Colin Kaepernick, Ben & Jerry’s team for West Tampa mural supporting social justice

The image of controversial quarterback Colin Kaepernick now appears on a massive mural in West Tampa that supports his fight for social justice. The mural was unveiled Wednesday as Tampa gets ready to host the Super Bowl on Sunday. LISTEN: Chelsey Ramirez stands barely five-feet tall. But now the 13-year-old Stewart Middle Magnet seventh grader’s… Read more »

Florida springs and fresh water

Will judge’s ruling allow Nestlé and Seven Springs to bottle nearly a million gallons of water a day from Florida springs?

Opponents of the plan to allow a giant corporation to draw more water from Florida’s pristine springs and aquifer suffered a setback last month. The food giant Nestlé is collaborating with a company called Seven Springs Water to apply for a permit renewal to take nearly a million gallons a day of water from springs… Read more »


Hillsborough COVID-19 testing location reopens at USF

Here is a link to many coronavirus resources The Hillsborough County Emergency Operations Center announced Monday that it is reopening a COVID-19 testing location at USF in Tampa. The full press release is below.   USF COVID-19 Testing Location Reopens; Other Free Public Locations Also Available COVID-19 coronavirus Update No. 270 Hillsborough County, Fla. (Feb…. Read more »

Floridan Hotel

Tampa Bay legislators introduce bills to stave off looming eviction crisis

Here is a link to many coronavirus resources A group of state legislators from the Tampa Bay area Monday introduced bills aimed at improving the state’s eviction process. The legislation is an attempt to stave off an anticipated eviction crisis brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. LISTEN: As District 63’s Representative Fentrice Driskell tells it… Read more »

Trump-supporting St. Pete rapper wants you to be in his music video tribute to woman killed in Capitol insurrection this Sunday

A St. Petersburg-based rapper known for his devoted support of former President Donald Trump is filming a music video for a song dedicated to the woman killed during the Capitol insurrection this Sunday. And he wants you to appear in it. Listen: His songs have titles like Patriots with Attitude and feature lavish praise for… Read more »

Sex, Greed, Power, and Treachery

“How the KGB Cultivated Donald Trump, and Related Tales of Sex, Greed, Power, and Treachery” That’s just the sub-title to investigative journalist, Graig Unger’s latest book, American Kompromat. Jam-packed with what would otherwise be easily described as fantastical fiction, Mr. Unger’s intricate research and painstaking interviews unravel layer-by-layer a roller-coaster ride of truth. At the… Read more »

Anna Eskamani of Planned Parenthood of Southwest and Central Florida

Legislators call for ‘people’s budget’ to prioritize Floridians and cure deficit

A group comprised of state legislators and union members are proposing a “people’s budget” to prioritize average Floridians over corporations. The group met in a virtual forum Monday to discuss fixes for the state’s looming $2.7 billion budget. LISTEN: State Rep. Anna Eskamani issued the call-to-action for this Friday. “This Friday, Jan. 29, SEIU and… Read more »

Radioactivity Thursday: Veteran journalist Craig Unger on his latest book “American Kompromat”

January 28, 2021 Good morning, welcome to WMNF’s Radioactivity. I’m Rob Lorei. Donald Trump was cultivated as a Russian asset beginning in the 1980’s according to my guest today.  Author Craig Unger makes the revelation in his new book, American Kompromat, How the KGB Cultivated Donald Trump, and Related Tales of Sex, Greed, Power and… Read more »

Radioactivity Wednesday: Former hate-group members and their “Life After Hate”

January 27, 2021 Good Morning, welcome to Radioactivity.  I’m Rob Lorei. My guest today is Dimitrios Kalantzi, Communications Director for Life After Hate — a nonprofit whose mission is to rehabilitate individuals who have lived a life of hate, and to point them down a better path. The group was founded by ex-members of hate… Read more »

Black Floridians get COVID-19 at a higher rate than whites, but whites get vaccinated at nearly three times the rate of Blacks

Here is a link to many coronavirus resources Black Floridians have contracted COVID-19 at a higher rate than their White counterparts. But an analysis of the latest data available from the Florida Department of Health showed White Floridians are getting vaccinated at nearly three times the rate. LISTEN: According to Reverend R.B. Holmes, the disparity… Read more »

He made millions in funeral business but died ‘pauper’ in Tampa. He was among 112 honored Monday.

The Portico in Tampa Monday held its annual homeless memorial service. The downtown Tampa arm of the Hyde Park United Methodist Church reads names of those who’ve died while homeless every year. This year’s list was remarkably longer. LISTEN: Whitney Smith and Rick Cabigas stood at lecterns in the breezeway of The Portico in Tampa…. Read more »

Who Are They?

When you study the scores of images from the January 6, 2021 storming of the US Capitol Building, you can easily spot Oath Keepers, Proud Boys, Neo-Militia, unabashed-Nazi wannabes, the MAGA-garbed, the Fascist-cos-play actors, and the QAnon cultists. They were all there, along with even more factions, resplendent in their uniforms. The one consistency is… Read more »

Roe V. Wade turned 48 Friday and women are still fighting to save it

The U.S. Supreme Court’s landmark Roe V. Wade decision turned 48 Friday. But reproductive rights advocates are still fighting to protect women’s right to choose. LISTEN: As they’ve done for more than two decades, members of the Pinellas County National Organization of Women – and more recently Progress Florida – gathered in downtown St. Petersburg… Read more »

COVID-19 vaccine

Pinellas has new shipment of coronavirus vaccines; registration begins Saturday

Here is a link to many coronavirus resources The Florida Department of Health in Pinellas County announced Friday that it has gotten a new shipment of coronavirus vaccines. Registration for new appointments begins Saturday morning. You can register at the state’s vaccine portal, or call (844) 770-8548. The full press release is below: Pinellas receives… Read more »

M-CORES, sales tax and nude beaches. Pinellas residents give ideas to fix $2 billion budget woe.

Members of Pinellas County’s legislative delegation met with their constituents Tuesday to discuss priorities for the coming 2021 session. Residents had plenty of ideas for how to fix Florida’s pandemic-induced budget woes. That included what to do with the M-CORES program, internet sales tax and even nude beaches. LISTEN: Florida’s $2.7 billion budget shortfall has… Read more »