An Organizer Of The Florida Birding and Nature Festival Previews The Oct 15-17 Event

Mary Keith—the field trip coordinator for the Florida Birding and Nature Festival, taking place Oct 15-17, based at the Manatee Viewing Center in Apollo Beach, Florida—recalled in a “Talking Animals” interview first becoming enchanted with birding decades ago, as the daughter of botanists, growing up in rural Pennsylvania. Keith outlined the aspects of birds and… Read more »

The Mysterious Mr. Thiel. Questions About The News. New Piano Music. 

What do you know about the billionaire venture capitalist and entrepreneur, Peter Thiel? He has been a behind-the-scenes operator, influencing countless aspects of our contemporary way of life, from the technologies we use every day to the delicate power balance between Silicon Valley, Wall Street, and Washington. Yet despite Thiel’s power and ubiquity, no public… Read more »

Manatee commissioner colluded with Texas man on anti-abortion law, pro-choice groups call for investigation

A Manatee County Commissioner worked with a Texas pro-life advocate to draft an ordinance banning abortion in the county. Commissioner James Satcher is now ignoring constituents and media, while reproductive rights groups call for him to be investigated. LISTEN: In recent months, Satcher has made fighting abortion access in Manatee County a personal mission. The… Read more »

Ag. Commissioner Fried introduces plan to phase expanded polystyrene foam out of Florida stores and markets

Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried Friday introduced new rules that will phase expanded polystyrene foam, known as EPS, out of Florida’s markets and stores. The new rules will remove the products, commonly known as ‘styrofoam,’ by 2028. LISTEN: Fried announced the new rules standing on the boardwalk of a Siesta Key beach. She was joined by… Read more »