“Earth Day”, “Every Day” on Morning Energy

Environmental issues have been a long standing concern for decades. These concerns eventually led to the creation of an an annual Earth Day celebration which has been occurring on April 22nd since 1970. In addition to this annual event, the Earth Day Network works year around to include: exploring the history of Earth Day, learning… Read more »

Dog trainer, behaviorist, and former WMNFer Glen Hatchell returns with another “Ask The Trainer”

As we’ve done three times prior, the most recent “Talking Animals” involved setting aside the customary format in order to present the extended feature, “Ask The Trainer,” in which listeners are invited to call or email questions about their dogs or cats, particularly involving behavioral issues. The Trainer these listeners were communicating with is Glen… Read more »

MidPoint: City View with Patrick Manteiga

For over 100 years, Tampa has been the home of La Gaceta, the country’s only trilingual newspaper and longest-running family-owned publication. La Gaceta has its fingers on the pulse of the city’s politics and the machinations that make it run. Editor and publisher Patrick Manteiga joined WMNF’s MidPoint on Wednesday to talk about the current events in the city.

St. Pete could become the first city in Florida to enact a tenants’ right to legal counsel policy

As the Sunshine City continues to seek solutions to its unaffordable housing crisis, city leaders in St. Petersburg are exploring the idea of guaranteeing a right to legal counsel for local tenants facing eviction. This policy, known as a tenants’ right to counsel, has been enacted in multiple cities and several states nationwide, but nowhere… Read more »

Wildlife ecologist chronicles battle that’s erupted between Tampa’s Westchase community and vultures

Danielle Hall—a wildlife ecologist, who, drawing on her professional expertise and her longtime personal passion for animals, has stepped into an intense humans-versus-animals battle that’s erupted over vultures in a Tampa neighborhood—explains in a “Talking Animals” interview what a wildlife ecologist is, and does. Hall recalls loving fauna of all types since early in her… Read more »

WaveMakers: Changing Climates with Rep. Kathy Castor

As the world continues to see climate change become a pressing (though controversial) issue, the U.S. has seen Tampa’s own House Representative Kathy Castor take charge in leading the fight. Castor chairs the House Select Committee on the Climate Crisis, and spoke with WMNF’s WaveMakers this week about the work she’s doing in this field…. Read more »

Surly Voices: The Deal with the Economy

Prices are going up, people are complaining, and suddenly the joke of “in this economy?” is less funny. This week on Surly Voices, the hosts were joined by Benjamin Wilson and Scott Ferguson to discuss why everything is so expensive, where we’re going, and what it all means. Listen to the full episode here:https://sound.wmnf.org/sound/wmnf_220407_100600_surly1_460.MP3 Scott… Read more »