Journalist Says Pentagon Can’t Account for Trillions of Tax Dollars Spent

Radioactivity with Rob Lorei Listen Here: Select 06/07/19 in the drop down menu Radioactivity: Interviews & Live Call-In Good morning, welcome to Radioactivity, I’m Rob Lorei. Coming up—what agency of the federal government cannot account for trillions of dollars in spending of tax dollars? We’ll find out in a moment. But first—two listener comments about… Read more »

Havana Cuba Jose Marti

U.S. Rep. Charlie Crist: Floridians & Cubans are harmed by Trump travel restrictions

This week the Trump administration placed further restrictions on the rights of Americans to travel to Cuba; among the new restrictions are cruise ships and group “people to people” travel. For reaction, WMNF asked Democratic Congress member Charlie Crist, who recently visited Cuba. “Well, it’s disappointing. Obviously, it will significantly affect the cruise industry, which… Read more »

TECO power plant in Apollo Beach Florida burns coal and releases water vapor plus greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide that contribute to climate change

Food & Water Watch report warns against TECO’s Big Bend conversion to gas

Food & Water Watch released a report Wednesday called “The Fracking Endgame,” which criticizes natural gas exploration and blames it for pollution, making the climate crisis worse and increasing the abundance of plastics. Brooke Errett, an organizer with Food & Water Watch, says the report should make Tampa Electric Company reconsider converting part of its… Read more »

La Gaceta Editor and Publisher Discusses Trump’s Cuba Travel Restrictions

Radioactivity with Rob Lorei Listen Here: Select 06/05/19 in the drop down menu Radioactivity: Interviews & Live Call-In Intro: Good morning- welcome to Radioactivity. I’m Rob Lorei. The Trump administration is banning cruises to Cuba under new restrictions on U.S. travel to the Caribbean island– imposed yesterday– to pressure its government to reform and stop… Read more »

Hurricane Preparedness in Florida and Child Care: Who Should Have Control, Parents Or The State?

Radioactivity with Rob Lorei Listen Here: Choose 06/04/19 in the drop down menu Radioactivity: Interviews & Live Call-In Intro: Good morning, welcome to Radioactivity. I’m Rob Lorei. Coming up—We’ll get prepared for the hurricane season that just got underway on Saturday. And later—in the battle over the proper medical treatment for children—who should have more… Read more »

Rob Lorei Interviews Caroline Fredrickson, author of Democracy Fix: How to Win the Fight for Fair Rules, Fair Courts, and Fair Elections

From Radioactivity with Rob Lorei Listen here: Select Wednesday, May 29th from the drop down menu. The interview begins 30 minutes into the program. Radioactivity: Interviews & Live Call-In Read the transcript by Blannie Whelan below: Rob Lorei (Host): Our next guest today is Caroline Fredrickson, author of Democracy Fix: How to Win the Fight… Read more »

Mueller says Russia attacked our election system in 2016; Former Elections supervisor Ion Sancho says Russia likely interfered in Florida’s election

Radioactivity with Rob Lorei Listen Here (Select Wednesday, May 30th in the drop down menu): Intro: Good morning, welcome to Radioactivity. I’m Rob Lorei. In a moment we are going to take a deep dive into special counsel Robert Mueller’s public statement about the Russia investigation. We’ll hear from a former supervisor of elections… Read more »

U.S. Rep. Vern Buchanan from Sarasota

Liberal group confronted by Trump supporters outside Vern Buchanan’s Sarasota office

Last week groups of conservatives and liberals faced off outside the Sarasota office of Congress member Vern Buchanan. The tense, but non-physical, confrontation was first reported by the Herald-Tribune. To find out what happened, WMNF spoke with Dianne Perry. She is with the liberal group Action Together Suncoast, which is affiliated with the Indivisible movement…. Read more »

Ron DeSantis in West Bank of Palestine / Israel

Jewish civil rights attorney: Florida governor signs “absurd” bill and visits “stolen Palestinian land”

Governor Ron DeSantis and the Florida Cabinet had a busy day Wednesday in Israel: a state cabinet meeting, signing a bill on anti-Semitism and a visit to an industrial park in the Israeli-occupied West Bank. But a staff attorney for the group Palestine Legal is suggesting they might legally challenge the state over what she… Read more »

Longtime Supporter of Green New Deal Coming to Tampa This Sunday

Radioactivity With Rob Lorei 05/29/19 Listen Here (Select Wednesday, May 29th in the drop down menu): Intro: Good morning, welcome to Radioactivity— Republican Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell yesterday said that if a Supreme Court opening occurs next year—he will hold a vote in the Senate to confirm whomever President Trump nominates. That’s in… Read more »

Radioactivity guest says hurricane recovery would be better in Puerto Rico if it were a state and had voting representation in Congress

Listen Here (Select Tuesday, May 28th in the dropdown menu): Radioactivity: Interviews & Live Call-In Intro: Good morning, welcome to Radioactivity. Later in the program we’ll talk about the latest on efforts to privatize some Florida beaches. But first- We’ll discuss Puerto Rico’s recovery from the hurricane. WASHINGTON (AP) — A House GOP conservative blocked… Read more »

Another Look At The Headlines + A Conversation With Ani DiFranco + New Music from Tiawa on Life Elsewhere

Theresa Resigns! A Stable Genius Insults The Speaker! Espionage & Assange! The “I” Word! Alabama Abortion Alarm! Dems Identity Crisis! Trump Trauma Disorder! Orchestrated Chaos! The headlines kept coming. Breathlessly the talking heads on cable news and the itchy-fingered online commentators barely had time to catch their collective breath this past week. As breaking news… Read more »

Ron DeSantis Florida

Cabinet meeting in Israel “could be a violation” of Florida’s Sunshine Laws

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is leading a huge delegation to Israel beginning Saturday that includes a state Cabinet meeting inside the controversial new U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem. But is that meeting a violation of Florida’s open-meeting laws, known as “government in the Sunshine” laws? WMNF asked Barbara Peterson. She’s president of the First Amendment Foundation,… Read more »

Venezuela flag Nicolas Maduro coup

Supporter of Venezuela’s president will speak in Tampa on Friday

The U.S. government considers someone who wasn’t elected to be the interim president of Venezuela. But the elected president, Nicolas Maduro has maintained power despite the attempted coup. Several Trump administration officials have implied the U.S. could intervene militarily. A supporter of the Maduro government will speak this Friday in Tampa about what she learned… Read more »


FDOT hosting public workshops on options for downtown Tampa and Westshore interchanges

The Florida Department of Transportation is hosting two public workshops this week to share information about proposed changes to a stretch of I-275 in Tampa from the Westshore / Veterans Expressway to the I-4 / downtown interchange. The first one is Tuesday evening. Rick Fernandez is the transportation committee chair for the Tampa Heights Civic… Read more »

Insects – Good and Bad on the Sustainable Living Program

On Monday’s Sustainable Living Program we had two guests talking about insects; good and bad. Paul Zamoda, a local plant and insect expert; and Daniel Dye, Gainesville area insect expert joined us. Daniel is also an expert on spiders and snakes and has written books about these subjects. Paul has expertise in various other gardening… Read more »

A Conversation With Klive & Nigel Humberstone of In The Nursery on Life Elsewhere

Alternative, Ambient, Atmospheric, Cinematic, Electronic, Experimental, Industrial, Modern Classical, Neo-Classical, Soundtrack, these are just some of the labels used to describe In The Nursery, the Sheffield-based musical project centered around the nucleus of twin brothers Klive and Nigel Humberstone who have been producing music since 1981. Even their own publicity reads, “Their cinematic style blends electronics,… Read more »