Electric & Hybrids Cars on The Sustainable Living Program

On Monday’s WMNF Sustainable Living program our topic was Electric Vehicles, hybrid and plug-in hybrids. Our guests were Dory Larson, Electric Vehicles Program Associate with the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy, where her work is to promote Electric Vehicle ownership; also Todd Thomson, the owner of Tampa Hybrids in Lutz, joined the program. Todd specializes… Read more »

The Russian Asset

What apparently began as a money laundering operation evolved into something far more ambitious, ending with an either willfully ignorant or inexplicably unaware Donald Trump in the White House, a Russian asset who had become the most powerful man on earth. Using original reporting from CIA and KGB sources, as well as a vast array… Read more »

“The Art of War” on Morning Energy

Sun Tzu was a Chinese general & military strategist. He is famously known for authoring “The Art of War” which is one of the world’s most influential treatises and timeless guide on strategic thought and planning. Although The Art of War (which is composed of 13 chapters) was initially devoted to various aspects of warfare… Read more »

“Between The Dash” on Morning Energy

On August 16, 2018 at approximately 10 AM,  Aretha Franklin, a women who affectionately became known as the “Queen of Soul” died at the age of 76. The official cause of her death was due to advanced pancreatic cancer. For more than 5 decades, Franklin, the daughter of a preacher man, filled the world with… Read more »

Serious. Seriously. Seriousness.

Serious: The Constitution Demands It – The Case For The Impeachment Of Donald Trump by Ron Fein, John Bonifaz, & Ben Clements Written by a trio of veteran constitutional attorneys who argue that according to the Constitution, the time to talk about impeachment is now. They offer a precise case against the president, detailing eight… Read more »

Community Gardens on the Sustainable Living Program

On Monday’s Sustainable Living Program our topics were community gardens how cities can transform their corporate dependent food supply systems to local, people friendly, city grown systems. Our guests were panelists on the upcoming Bridge Tampa Foundation’s forum and film about Edible Cities.  The Bridge is a local non-profit Foundation that connects community and ecology…. Read more »

Surface Noise ’79!

Surface Noise celebrates WMNF’s 39th year with all songs of 79! OK, there may be some before then, but not after, because we  couldn’t have played then in 1979! Get your requests in to DJ Lounge Laura Taylor: laura@wmnf.org.  We’ll see you on the radio September 12th, 6-8p!

Two Experts On Two Serious Topics on Life Elsewhere

Your Medical Data & The Dark Web. In a recent article for Global Research, Dr. Binoy Kampmark warns of nefarious use of our medical data on the dark web. He writes, “Patient profiles can be built, with credentials mustered for reasons of impersonation to obtain health services.  Medical equipment and drugs can be duly purchased,… Read more »

“Turning The Other Cheek” on Morning Energy

Political debates have been a key component in the American presidential races and other political races for decades. The first debate for the 1960 presidential election (between Richard Nixon and John F. Kennedy) drew over 66 million viewers out of a population of 179 million, making it one of the most-watched broadcasts in U.S. television… Read more »