DeSantis signs bills to shield police

SOURCE: Ron DeSantis on DeSantis signs pro-police bills in Tallahassee.

Governor Ron DeSantis appeared at Tallahassee this morning to sign two bills regarding law enforcement.


SB 184

First, the Halo Bill shields police from harassment if they are “actively doing their job.” That means if someone interrupts an officer’s work, the officer can tell the person they must stay 25 feet away. Should they approach further, they could be charged with a second-degree misdemeanor. Detractors from the law say it will prevent citizens from effectively recording officers.

HB 601

The second prevents investigations of local law enforcement officers by civilian review boards. Instead, A local sheriff or police chief must direct the group. “The sheriffs and the chief of police, they have an interest in ensuring that their personnel are conducting themselves appropriately, as well,” DeSantis said. “Good order and discipline is very important – but it can’t be people that have an agenda.”

When the bill advanced through Florida Congress, the American Civil Liberties Union of Florida stood against it. NR Hines said “Civilian review boards were created to be unbiased boards that represent all residents and review police activity. CRBs pose no threat to law-abiding officers and are designed to have a specific scope of work.”

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