Don’t Miss Out: Doug Wright’s Exclusive Design for WMNF 88.5 Spring T-Shirt Fundraiser!

Artist Doug Wright visiting WMNF 88.5

Welcome to our Spring Fundraising event! As you’re likely aware, we’re reaching out for your invaluable support to sustain our beloved community radio station WMNF 88.5 here in Tampa.

For decades, we’ve proudly served as a beacon of authenticity, offering great music, independent voices, and unwaveringly objective news coverage. Here, there’s no room for fabrication – only genuine, heartfelt content.

Yesterday was a particularly special day for us as we had the privilege of hosting Doug Wright, the talented artist behind the iconic T-shirt design everyone’s been raving about. Witnessing the overwhelming admiration for his creation from our staff, volunteers, and generous donors alike was amazing.

Now, you too can own a piece of this artistic brilliance!

With a donation of just $100, you can secure your very own limited edition T-shirt designed by Tampa’s own Doug Wright.

Simply call 813-239-9663 now and speak to one of our wonderful volunteers or click here to get yours!

Not only will you elevate your style, but you’ll also be directly supporting your community radio station, which has faithfully served Tampa for the past 45 years and is committed to continuing its mission for another 45 and beyond.

Allow me to share a bit about Doug

Originally from Upstate New York, Doug now calls Palm Harbor, Florida home. His artistic journey began in childhood, sparked by a passion for drawing. Over the years, he honed his skills, transitioning from airbrushing T-shirts to undertaking various design and illustration projects. Recently, he’s reignited his love for traditional media, embracing mediums like pencils, pens, paints, and brushes.

Now, let’s delve into the inspiration behind the WMNF Shirt Design

Doug’s submission for our fundraiser resonated deeply with us. Drawing from his admiration for Art Nouveau aesthetics and vintage T-shirt graphics, he crafted a design that encapsulates the essence of our station.

The butterfly wings symbolize evolving times, while the radio tower pays homage to WMNF’s heritage. The vibrant color scheme and water splash motif represent our steadfast commitment to environmental advocacy. Additionally, the inclusion of words like “kindness,” “diversity,” “peace,” “love,” and “community” reflects Doug’s core values, mirrored in our dedicated team of volunteer programmers.

What are you waiting for!! Get yours now!!

Get your Swag by clicking here

Thank you for considering supporting WMNF 88.5. Together, we can ensure that WMNF continues to thrive as a cornerstone of our community, enriching lives for years to come.



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