What Is Your Favorite Love Song? & Why? (on Life Elsewhere)

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Yes, we’re approaching that day again, when restaurants giddily cram reservations into an already overbooked list and throw in a long-stemmed rose for the lady as a compensation for the inevitable wait for a table. Florists do more business in an hour than a regular month. Mountains of garishly adorned boxes of chocolates magically appear at supermarket checkouts. Sparkling wine pretending to be champagne is bought by the unsuspecting, ill-informed, while snooty oenophiles go to great lengths to try and snag a bottle of 1990 Roederer Cristal. And of course, the color red in as many hues as your mind will allow, is everywhere!

Yes, its Valentine’s day again. We here at Life Elsewhere towers are not so curmudgeonly as to despise Valentine’s day but we do shy away from the Hallmark cards mawkishness. So while we endorse the lovey-doveyness, we also like to wander over onto the edgy side. So, this year we have assembled an all-star line-up of favorite Life Elsewhere guests and contributors to answer two questions:

1) What is your favorite Love song?

2) Why?

Because our guests are always apt to take an alternate view on everything, you can be sure that these two seemingly simple questions will generate anything but simple answers.

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