Global Forgiveness Day on Morning Energy

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Thursday, July 7, 2016,  was known as Global Forgiveness Day. This day served as a reminder to Forgive and “Hopefully” be Forgiven.  Global Forgive Day is also a chance to set things right, put aside old differences, move beyond grievances and hurts and start afresh, but as you know, forgiving another person for something they did to you or to someone important to you is simply no easy task.

On Morning Energy we are going to dive deeper into this subject and discuss topics such as: Why It Is Important To Forgive, The Importance Of Forgiving In Relationship, and What Forgiveness And Leadership Means.

Join me, Renna (your Radio Flayme) Friday, from 4 to 6am to be a part of this musical journey!!! Hope you are able to tune in! If not you can always listen back for a week on the Morning Energy archives.