Selling home grown veggies to your community

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Today we had the pleasure to speak with 2 guests. Tracy Tippen from Hope Spot. The Hope Spot Festival is celebrating our coastal waters. The Florida Gulf Coast Hope Spot runs from Apalachicola down to 10,000 islands. This location was chosen because of its importance for our local ecosystem. 

 Zach Correa from Lemongraft joined the show to talk about a brand new way of connecting local produce to the local community. 

Zach started of the conversation by explaining how broken our food system is, and how in order to have “a sustainable community, it revolves around access to food”  He obsession with sustainable communities led him to start a new way of buying and selling local food.

Lemongraft is an app where local home gardeners can sell what they grow to local members of the community. Have a lemon tree? sell some lemons. Have more rosemary than you can use, you can sell that too. He is looking at expanding to selling everything from fruit and veggies, all the way to plants, flowers, mushrooms and eggs.  This is a great way to invest in your local community by supporting your neighbors.

If you are interested in becoming a grower, pick up location or buying local Tampa Bay food, listen to the full interview to learn more.

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