New 2021 Programming Lineup Celebrates Tampa Bay’s Diversity

WMNF Program Schedule 2021 Updated

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WMNF Announces 2021 – 2023 Programs

WMNF is pleased to announce its new program lineup for the next two years. This new lineup includes some exciting changes that we believe align with our values and our mission. You can see the entire program schedule below.

The process of evaluating and updating our program lineup is thoughtful and methodical, and focused on the goal of identifying ways to better serve our listeners. It all starts with the formation of a committee composed of staff and volunteers who review the station’s current on-air lineup. After this review, the committee presents a framework for a new schedule at an all-station meeting, which is open to the public.

After the all-station meeting, the news director and program director then fill in that framework with specific hosts and shows that further our commitment to peace, social and environmental justice, and programming neglected by the mainstream. This process is designed to select a lineup that we believe will best celebrate and promote the creative, cultural, and political vitality of our Tampa Bay community.

Amplifying Diverse Voices

A lot has changed in this community and the world since we last undertook this process in 2019. Amplifying a diverse set of voices remains vital, and we’re excited to announce our refreshed variety of programming for the next two years.

We are grateful to all our volunteers who work so hard to produce quality community programming. These volunteers make WMNF one of the strongest independent radio stations in the country. Ever since a small group of dedicated volunteers went door-to-door raising money for Florida’s first community radio station in 1979, we’ve been elevating our listeners, their voices, and their values. In our 42nd year, that commitment is as strong as ever.

We hope you enjoy our revamped programming, and happy listening!

WMNF 2021 Program Schedule