Radioactivity Tuesday offers up free airtime for political candidates of local and state elections.

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By Rob Lorei

As a public service—WMNF 88.5FM is offering free air time for political candidates this week. Beginning on Radioactivity Tuesday we’ll offer up to 90 seconds of free air time for a message recorded by the candidates themselves. The message may include anything the candidate would like to say about why they should be elected to office . This offer is open to any candidate who is running for federal office, statewide or locally and who is on the ballot on November 8th in Hillsborough, Pinellas, Sarasota, Pasco, Polk and Manatee Counties.

On Radioactivity Tuesday we heard from six candidates who took us up on our offer of free air time:

  1. Andrew Warren candidate for state attorney Hillsborough County
  2. Joseph Bensmihen candidate for Florida House Districy 68
  3. Cathy James candidate for Hillsborough School Board District 7
  4. Debra S. Wright candidate for Fl. Senate District 22 (Polk, Osceola and Orange)
  5. Tamara Shamburger candidate for Hillsborough School Board District 5
  6. Flora “Tonya” Stewart candidate for public defender Polk, Hardee and Highlands

We’ll be playing the messages back during the 11AM hour all this week. Any message over 90 seconds will be edited to reduce the length.  candidates can record their message at 813-238-8001 x115.