Cleaning House and Brightening Up for our Close-up: A September message from our General Manager Randi Z.


We’ve been cleaning up our spaces – physical and otherwise. All over the building, we can see surfaces and nooks that were previously hidden. Volunteers have more ways to participate in the workings of what we do, both inside and outside the building.

Programmers now have concrete ways to improve how they deliver the WMNF sound, and listeners have more innovative ways to get the WMNF vibe they love – whether it comes from their car speaker, smart speaker, HD radio, or through attending the wider variety of WMNF events.

Randi M. Zimmerman, WMNF General Manager
Randi M. Zimmerman, WMNF General Manager

At the ripe old age of 44, WMNF is also reviewing our mission statement. Healthy organizations evaluate and review their missions regularly. Our national culture has certainly changed over the past 44 years. Let us know what you think. Is the language still relevant today?

Our current statement reads:

WMNF is a listener-supported community radio station that celebrates cultural diversity, promotes community engagement and is committed to equality, peace and economic justice. WMNF provides broadcasts and other forums with grass-roots local emphasis that promote creative, musical, and political vitality.

I am a mission-driven person. And like many staff members and volunteers, I was drawn to WMNF by its mission statement. So, why consider changing it? Why now?

First, let’s consider the shift in audio programming. It has moved from traditional broadcast radio to on-demand listening via the internet and satellite. In this context, can we still call ourselves a ‘radio’ station? Furthermore, are we in the same organization we were 44 years ago? This question becomes especially relevant as our WMNF community now finds and listens to us globally via the internet.

In true WMNF fashion, the three major constituencies (Board, staff, and volunteers) are meeting both separately and together to discuss these issues. If you want to participate in these conversations, please contact your representative.

A few representatives from each of these groups also meet as the Special Committee for the Mission Statement Review. They are tasked with bringing the views of their constituency to the table. To date, the Special Committee has been working virtually and formally met on two or three occasions.

The President of the Board of Directors, Isha DelValle, has said there is no deadline for a new mission statement, nor any guarantee that a new one will be adopted at all. We’re just doing our part to make sure that the mission statement of our mission-driven organization remains relevant in 2023; and that we are positioned to make long range plans up to our 50th year and beyond.

In addition to the staff’s proposed budget, we will also make space for conversation about our mission at the All-Station meeting on September 14th. If you are interested in and wish to contribute to the mission of WMNF, or just want to watch how we work out these issues, please attend this public forum. After all, we are a community that makes community radio!

Randi M. Zimmerman
General Manager, WMNF Public Media

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