Sawfish found in Cedar Key, Florida could be evidence of ‘Endangered Species Act working’

A sawfish sighting in early June off the coast of Cedar Key, Florida suggests the endangered species might be rebounding.
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Environmental groups rally against bill they call “death knell”

Environmental groups are calling for the governor to veto a bill that they worry will limit environmental protection in Florida
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Clyde Butcher’s “America’s Everglades” exhibit now in downtown Clearwater

Married for 58 years, Clyde and Niki Butcher have been all around the world together taking photographs and creating beautiful art that fills canvases with the colors of the native landscape.
Clean Water Rule

Everglades Foundation irate that sugar lease extended on reservoir land

A reservoir that will clean polluted water coming from Lake Okeechobee and send it toward the Everglades instead of directing dirty water toward the coasts may be delayed because of a recent, controversial decision; last...

Bus tour for Everglades awareness: #NowOrNeverglades

A bus tour to draw awareness to the Everglades is in full swing through Florida. The #NowOrNeverglades Bus Tour hit the Tampa Bay area Friday. WMNF spoke by phone with Eric Eikenberg, Chief Executive Officer of the...
Sheldon Upthegrove (left), Joe Redner and Bob Buesing

Dana Young’s no-show at debate a source of frustration

Tampa-area Democrats and two independent candidates for a State Senate seat continue to criticize the Republican in the race for being a no-show; Republican state Representative Dana Young skipped a Tiger Bay Club of Tampa...
Jolly Crist Congress

Jolly and Crist differ on guns, campaign money & Clinton

A closely-watched race for Congress in Pinellas County, Florida could be an opportunity for Democrats to pick up a House seat; Republican Congress member David Jolly faces an uphill battle in his newly-redrawn district against former Florida Governor Charlie...
Center for Biological Diversity

Enviro groups sue feds to stop oil exploration in Florida’s Big Cypress

Several environmental groups are suing the National Park Service to stop oil and gas exploration in Florida’s Big Cypress National Preserve. Jaclyn Lopez is Florida director of the Center for Biological Diversity, one of the...

Emergency change in Lake Okeechobee water flow toward Eastern Everglades

For the first time in almost a century, South Florida Water managers started shunting water bound for the Everglades. Monday’s emergency steps were undertaken to protect wildlife areas southwest of Lake Okeechobee by diverting the...
Jennifer Rubiello

Should fracking be banned in Florida?

On MidPoint we looked at hydraulic fracturing in Florida and citizens’ efforts to stop it; joining us on the phone from southwest Florida was Dr. Karen Dwyer, co-founder of the Stonecrab Alliance, an environmental advocacy group. Our in-studio...

Floridians tell Tallahassee: do your job, pass a budget and fund Amendment One

Citizens demand Florida legislators uphold their duty and pass a budget to properly fund Amendment One

Full transcript of presidents remarks in Everglades on climate change

Full transcript of presidents remarks in Everglades on climate change

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