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Ron DeSantis blasts Florida’s pot and abortion ballot questions

One would enshrine abortion rights in the Florida constitution and the other authorizes recreational marijuana for people ages 21 and older.
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Florida Supreme Court allows recreational marijuana on the 2024 ballot; then donations spike

Smart & Safe Florida announced Wednesday it had collected another $15 million to kick off the next phase of the pro-pot campaign.

Recreational pot will be on Florida’s 2024 ballot

A divided Florida Supreme Court approved placing on the ballot a proposed constitutional amendment to allow the recreational use of marijuana.
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Florida Supreme Court decisions on pot and abortion ballot measures are expected Monday

We may know Monday if Florida constitutional amendments on abortion rights and recreational marijuana will go on the November ballot.
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Will abortion or pot be on Florida’s ballot in November? We’ll have to wait to find out

The Florida Supreme Court did not release opinions about whether proposed constitutional amendments on abortion rights and recreational marijuana will go on November's ballot.
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Promoting the pot industry in Florida

A handful of Florida's medical marijuana operators have formed a trade association designed to “foster a thriving medical marijuana industry.”
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Florida lawmakers target hemp products with more regulations

Hemp farmers & small-business owners are pushing back against Republican lawmakers’ efforts to restrict sales of euphoria-inducing products.
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Learn more about these ten big issues to watch halfway through the Florida Legislative session

Florida’s annual 60-day legislative session reached its halfway point Wednesday. Here are updates on 10 big issues in the session.
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Florida Senators OK cannabis THC limits

A key Senate committee signed off on a bill that would impose limits on the amounts of euphoria-inducing THC in pot products.
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Could Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis be the weed whisperer?

Ron DeSantis predicted a proposed constitutional amendment legalizing recreational marijuana will get on Florida's November ballot.
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Ten big legal issues in Florida to watch in 2024

State and federal courts in 2024 are expected to buzz with major Florida cases including these ten.
Marijuana. By Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office, May 2011.

Florida justices seem skeptical of the state’s arguments against a recreational cannabis amendment

Florida Supreme Court justices appeared skeptical that the court should reject a proposed constitutional amendment on recreational marijuana.

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