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a blue mural showing historical figures from West Tampa

Former Tampa City Councilwoman says rapid development has put West Tampa’s spirit on the line

West Tampa’s roots go all the way back to 1892, but 132 years after Hugh MacFarlane started building his vision on 200 acres of swampy land, the neighborhood is at a crossroads. In a new...

Talking Florida’s ‘Second Look’ prison sentence approach, and the push and pull of criminal justice

Alexandra Bailey is a senior campaign strategist with The Sentencing Project, and she’ll be in Tampa next weekend as part of the Tampa Bay Criminal Justice Summit happening at Tampa Prep on Friday-Saturday, Oct. 20-21....
Justin Garcia

Justin Garcia talks about his reporting on local police departments

We talk about police issues with Justin Garcia, who is the Tampa Bay Times’ state and local accountability reporter.
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Tampa Police contacted landlords to encourage evictions of tenants who had been arrested: Times investigation

The Tampa Bay Times found that police contacted landlords to encourage evictions of tenants who had been arrested or stopped by police.

Radioactivity Tuesday: Investigative report links futuristic policing to citizen harassment in Pasco County

September 8, 2020 Good morning, welcome to Radioactivity. I’m Rob Lorei. The Tampa Bay Times recently published an investigative report on a new, high-tech form of policing—one which tries to stop crime before it happens....

Tampa Democrats say they’re unified to win key state Senate race

If the Florida Democratic Party is ever going to end up being competitive when it comes to gaining parity with Republicans in the state Legislature, there are certain races that they have to win, such...

New President of the Poynter Institute Discusses the Future of Journalism

Radioactivity Thursday 10 26 17 Good morning, welcome to WMNF’s Radioactivity. I’m Rob Lorei. Coming up— an interview with the new president of the Poynter Institute. Mainstream news organizations are going through hard times—especially in...
USF Weatherbird marine science ship

NIH study: BP’s use of dispersants harmed human health

The first scientific study has just been published connecting human health problems with the dispersants used by BP after its 2010 Deepwater Horizon disaster; our guest on WMNF News’ MidPoint was Tampa Bay Times staff...

MidPoint for Thursday, July 6 – Tampa Bay Times Metro columnist John Romano

After writing a sports column for over a decade, the Tampa Bay Times John Romano moved over to the news side in early 2012, where he had the unenviable position of replacing longtime columnist Howard...
Christian Brooks, Bleu Rainer Devon Cheaves, Nancy Palcios, Kelly Benjamin

May Day Activists on Radioactivity Friday

May Day Rally Planned in Tampa This coming Monday is May Day, which around the world is a day to celebrate workers. There will be a May Day event in Tampa on Monday, May 1...
St Paul Police SRT Indexing Firearm in Holster gun RNC 2008 Minnesota

Reporter Ben Montgomery on his ‘Why Cops Shoot’ investigation on Radioactivity

Florida Police Shootings investigated by Times’ Ben Montgomery For years, no one could say with much certainty how many times police shot people in Florida. Now, we have an answer as a result of a months-long...

New Tampa Bay Times article follows story of Kings Lake, a community devastated by 2006 housing crash

BY Rob Lorei Our guest  on Midpoint Wednesday was Tampa Bay Times reporter Susan Taylor Martin, who was part of an investigative team at the Tampa bay Times who followed up on the neighborhood here...

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