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Mark Beloch and Dezeray Lyn homeless FNB

Police disrupt food sharing by Tampa Food Not Bombs

A couple times a week, the Tampa chapter of Food Not Bombs shares food with people in a park downtown; but Tuesday they were told to stop. WMNF News spoke with Mark Beloch, who is homeless...
Eric Ward and Bob Buckhorn

Tampa Police chief: body camera pilot worked

Tampa’s Police Chief told City Council Thursday that the number of bicycle stops and citations continue to decrease; Eric Ward also pointed to results of a USF pilot study showing that Tampa Police officers wearing a body...
Bob Buckhorn Eric Ward

Tampa Mayor & Police Chief respond to Dallas shootings

Five police officers were killed by gunfire in Dallas Thursday night at a peaceful protest march protesting the shootings by police of black men in Louisiana and Minnesota; Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn called a press conference Friday morning...
Donald Trump in Sarasota

Part of Tampa Bay cleanup canceled due to Donald Trump rally

Part of a major Tampa Bay cleanup effort scheduled for Saturday will be canceled because of a Donald Trump rally; the presumptive Republican nominee for president will speak at the Tampa Convention Center and it means...
Eric Ward and Bob Buckhorn

Tampa Police Chief takes questions from council on “biking while black”

The Tampa Police Chief answered questions Thursday morning from members of City Council about last month’s Department of Justice report that found police disproportionally stopped black bicyclists. The report concluded that despite evidence of “stark racial...
Andrew Joseph with Tampa For Justice

Tampa for Justice wants civil rights investigation of police

Last week the U.S. Department of Justice concluded that although the Tampa Police Department issued disproportionately more tickets to black bicyclists that it was not intentional and therefore not racial discrimination. That study was done...
Eric Ward and Bob Buckhorn

Tampa Police didn’t racially discriminate when handing out more citations to black bicyclists: DoJ

The Tampa Police Department issued disproportionately more citations and tickets to black bicycle riders – but it was not intentional racial discrimination; those are some of the conclusions of a Department of Justice report released...
Frank Reddick

Ballot initiative could add strong police investigative panel to Tampa charter

Community groups concerned about police accountability want to add a strong police review process to the Tampa City Charter. In a press conference Wednesday morning at the headquarters of the Hillsborough NAACP, several groups unveiled a...
Frank Reddick Derrick Brooks

Tampa City Council wants sex offender cluster ordinance

Tampa is considering an ordinance to deal with the clusters of sex offenders in several neighborhoods of the city. At a City Council meeting Thursday police said about 850 sex predators live in Tampa. Kelly Grimsdale, president...

Interview with family of Jason Westcott, killed by police over 2 dollars worth of pot

Today on Radioactivity, we listen back to an interview from April with the family of Jason Westcott, a 29-year-old man shot dead by  Tampa police last year during a police raid on his home in...
Shakira Rodriguez

Kobvey Igbuhay’s family wants answers why he was killed by Tampa Police

Last week an 18-year-old was killed in a confrontation with a Tampa Police officer. Police say Kobvey Igbuhay was one of four teens trying to elude officers in a stolen vehicle then hide in a...
Jane Castor

Is there a connection between gun violence and mental illness?

After a mass shooting it’s common for analysts to examine the mental health of the suspect. But at a forum Friday hosted by the University of South Florida in Tampa, a behavioral sciences researcher downplayed...

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