The Fairness Doctrine debates proposed amendment for open primaries in Florida

a "Vote Here" sign in Orlando, during the 2008 election. Photo by Erik (HASH) Hersman via Flickr

By Rob Lorei

Tune in to at 11:05 am EDT or local Tampa area 88.5 FM to hear The Fairness Doctrine where the topic debated will be the petition that is circulating in Florida ( serial # 15-18 ) for open primaries which includes the controversial top two winners take all. It is presented like an inclusive thing for independent, NPA and 3rd party voters so they can vote in the primaries that their tax dollars fund. However, listen to the pro’s and cons today before you sign on. Daniel Meek, an attorney who has spear headed the group that twice defeated similar bills in Oregon, will debate in opposition and Dr.Omar H Ali Associate of Professor of Comparative African Diaspora history at the University of North Carolina in Greensboro will debate on the side for the amendment.

You can listen to the entire program here.

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