Women’s Show 3/22 March for Our Lives Tampa Bay & “The Union Maid”

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#NeverAgain….. #Marchforourlives….


When you went to school, were your biggest concerns grades, tests, friends, the prom?  Did you ever worry that you might not go home again?  After Sandy Hook didn’t you think, “Never again?” But it happened again and again and after Parkland, Unsurprisingly, the young people are not leaving it up to us to protect them.  They are taking matters into their own hands.  Their articulate passions and convictions are astonishing us and giving us hope.  This weekend, Saturday, March 24, is their call for the March for Our Lives.  In Washington, DC, it will possibly be one of the largest marches ever and there will be over 700 satellite marches all over the country including several in the Tampa Bay area. BROOKE SHAPIRO and MACIE LAVENDER, seniors at Plant High School, hosts for the Tampa Bay March, will talk about the march and their thoughts on these issues on Thursday’s show.  Check your local area – I think you will be inspired and hopeful joining these young people.

We are posting many of the area walks on our Facebook  page

“The Union Maid,” Anne Feeney – no  stranger to protests…

Fighting to correct wrongs and living by her creed, “Justice and equality for all,”  ANNE FEENEY, the “Union Maid,” singer/songwriter and longtime labor lawyer will drop by the station as part of her Florida tour.  We have little doubt that Anne will give her support and affirmation to these student leaders.


Keep your dial tuned to WMNF.  Tune into From a Woman’s POV Thursday at 10 am.


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Be the change you want to see


So glad the City of Tampa has decided to drop the case against last week’s guest, Tanya Vidovic.