Women’s Show-Winter Fund Drive

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We want to thank you for your support of From a Woman’s Point of View during past fund drives.

This Thursday we will be doing our part to keep WMNF on the air.  Tune in at 10 AM. We are so fortunate to have this station in our community.

On From a Woman’s Point of View we cover some of the most important issues facing us today.  As far as we know, this is the only radio program in the Southeast that focuses on the voices of women and concerns that affect us all.

We cover the gamut of issues of concern to us all: sexual harassment, violence against women, the environment, climate change, toxins, militarism, the economy, and equality – and we never have problems getting qualified women guests.  Unfortunately, we rarely see or hear them on major media.

We hope you find this valuable and will show it by supporting this show and WMNF.  Women’s lives matter!  We need to hear from you.  Unfortunately there is an attitude that women’s issues are sidebars to the serious issues of the day.  They seem to miss the basic point of the functioning of society.  Women’s issues are human issues – and there cannot be a just, viable society when over half of the population is having to fight for their rights.

It is important that we do our part and meet our goal!  We have a hefty goal to meet – $2,000 in a little less than an hour.  We must continue to hear the voices of women on WMNF!  It is important that we show the station that this is important!

Thank you for your support for this show and WMNF!  You can contribute here .


Peace and love,

Mary and Arlene