Yummy! A Feast of Food Writers & Restaurant Critics on Art in Your Ear

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In anticipation of #AFJ2015 – The Association of Food Journalists annual conference – We have a great gaggle (or would it be brace? Herd? My fav- A Volary?)  of food writers coming on to Art in Your Ear this week. There will be a wide ranging discussion–not just how to eat and write about it; food porn; where our area is in food–but where food writers might range.

Laura Reiley is the food critic for The Tampa Bay Times, plus she writes for all sorts of other projects. Just ask her about her YA stuff,  I say!

Jeff Houck is everywhere-Twitter and Instagram might be the easiest way to see what he is up to, as well as StPetersblog.

Michelle Stark is the food editor at the times.