Communties and Cool Roofs

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We talked with three guests about Intentional Communities and upcoming events they’re involved with. First up was the state representative for Pax Christi, Nancy O’Byrne. They’re having a conference on Intentional Community at their Life Enrichment Center in Fruitland Park Florida (close to Leesburg) on October 12 & 13. The conference will focus on presentations from four communities. Next, Laird Schaub, the executive secretary for the Fellowship of Intentional Communities, talked about the Twin Oaks Community located in Virginia, and the annual Communities Conference happening there over the Labor Day Weekend. Locally, Bryan Roberts, owner of Eco Tech Construction, joined the show to talk about his involvement with the Tampa Bay Co-Housing Meet-Up Group and bringing the Film “Within Reach” about communities to the Roosevelt 2.0 in Ybor City. This will take place in September. Bryan was also a guest on the second segment of the show on home energy conservation and reflective roof coating. Joining Bryan was the owner of the Shell Roof Company that sells and applies a reflective heat coating that is made up of the same material as sea and egg shells. John Flaherty talked about how this coating works, ingredients, cost, and how to apply. Roof Shell Company, Pax Christi Florida, Fellowship of Intentional Communities, Twin Oaks conference, Roosevelt 2.0,