“Common Superstitions” on Morning Energy

Friday the 13th is widely known for being an unlucky day in western superstition. Friday 13th happens at least once every year in the Gregorian Calendar but can also occur up to three items in the same year. The superstition surrounding this day may have arisen in the Middle Ages, originating from the story of… Read more »

Three Very Different Books + One EP on Life Elsewhere

About a week or so ago, late night talk show host, Jimmy Fallon introduced The Tonight Show’s first ever book club and included The Immortalists, the brilliant new novel by Chloe Benjamin. Perhaps, because Fallon has come under critical scrutiny after his gentle-cozy interview with Trump, the least cerebral of late-night comedians is not usually… Read more »

“Living With Secrets” on Morning Energy

A secret has been defined as something that is kept or meant to be kept unknown or unseen by others. There are different types of secrets. Some secrets are surprises such as planing a surprise birthday party while other secrets are more dark – either something unpleasant about you or someone that you know. It… Read more »

“Choosing Your Battle” On Morning Energy

Conflicts, battles, wars, and rumors of wars have existed for centuries. They are often usually preceded by series of disagreements, controversies, or arguments. However, there are ways to minimize disputes before they escalate into deadly wars. During during today’s program we are going to further explore the topic of “Choosing Ones Battle” and also spend… Read more »

Todd’s Birthday (Brian Wilson’s & More!)

Patron saints of Surface Noise are feted this Wednesday. One is Todd Rundgren, whose birthday we are really blowing out in style Friday at Skipper’s! The WMNF 70th Birthday Tribute to Todd Rundgren One of the stars of the show, Jordan Esker, will perform your Weekly Todd! Tune in, Wednesday, 6-8p!

WMNF Billboards are all around the Tampa Bay area #LastLocal – UPDATED

Update 8/24/18 These electronic billboards are carrying WMNF’s Last Local message, plus there are regular (static in billboard speak) ones scattered all over the area with the message too! The letters indicate physical positioning (N/S means North/South) and the way the message faces (F/W means Faces West). Causeway Blvd 200 ft W/O Providence Rd   … Read more »

“The Consequences of Good Deeds” on Morning Energy

“No good deed goes unpunished”,  is an old adage that refers to those good deeds that sometimes can unfortunately result in disappointing and overwhelming situations all in the name of helping others. Consequently, we live in a world where it seems more comfortable and/or profitable being a bystander rather than actively engaging for fear of… Read more »