Gulfport election day

The Florida Democratic Party isn’t having a 2024 presidential primary; could it suppress votes for local Democrats?

The 2024 Gulfport race for city council between April Thanos and Tom Bixler is on the day of Florida's presidential preference primary.
Scales of Justice Law

A Hillsborough judge invokes the First Amendment in a case related to a 2022 election campaign

Attorneys for Circuit Judge Nancy Jacobs disputes allegations by an investigative panel of the state Judicial Qualifications Commission.

WMNF News poll: Trump leads Biden in Florida, even among 18-29 year olds

This WMNF News poll finds that in the 2024 election Donald Trump leads Joe Biden among all age categories in Florida, even young voters.

Ashley Gantt, Mike Beltran, discuss the 2024 Florida legislative session

The Skinny survived Mitch Perry’s 60-day exile in Tallahassee, and today he returned to the WMNF Tampa studio to start a recap of the legislative session that should run a few weeks. Democratic Ashley Gantt,...
vote voters voting elections Pinellas

The Gabber says a candidate’s campaign manager mentioned a payment for positive coverage

Tom Bixler's campaign manager did not technically attempt to bribe The Gabber reporter, but that an ethical line was crossed.
vote voters voting elections Pinellas

Traci Koster draws a challenger, Democrat Breianna Faye Wallace

Democrat Breianna Faye Wallace opened a campaign account last week to run against Republican Florida Rep. Traci Koster in Tampa.

26 Essays On Walking. Vote For Our Planet.

Ways Of Walking – Edited by Ann de Forest Ways of Walking brings together 26 writers who reflect on walks they have taken and what they have discovered along the way. Some walk across forbidden...
Vote By Mail sign, Florida

A judge rejects part of Florida’s new elections law

A federal judge struck down part of a 2023 Florida elections law that placed restrictions on “third party” voter-registration organizations.

Proposal threatening campaign funding passes state Senate

Florida voters may soon be able to decide whether to stop public financing for campaigns for statewide offices.
Term limits sign

The Florida Senate will vote on a bill to create local referendums to determine county commissioner term limits

The bill would lead to local referendums in November about whether voters want to impose eight-year term limits on county commissioners.

A bill to change primary elections in Florida could be dead

A bill that called for holding primary runoff elections is likely doomed for for this year’s Florida legislative session.
The Scoop color logo

The Scoop: Wednesday, February 21, 2024 Tampa Bay and Florida headlines by WMNF

The Senate Education Appropriations Committee approved a bill requiring teaching about the history of communism in Florida's public schools.

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