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Sea Level Rise Locally and Globally with Dr. Gary Mitchum and Lauren Wolf

Tanja and guest host Grace discuss seal level rise and its impacts locally and globally with Dr. Gary Mitchum of USF and Lauren Wolf of Pinellas County.
WFLA Chief Meteorologist Jeff Beranelli

WFLA’s Jeff Berardelli is one TV weatherman who doesn’t shy away from climate change

With the start of Hurricane season just 10 days away, WMNF WaveMakers with Janet & Tom on Tuesday (5/21) discussed the forecast and the impact climate change is having on severe weather with Jeff Berardelli,...

Black Nerds Matter: Walter Smith Jr.

Walter Smith Jr, an environmental engineer at the Sierra Club, explores his background coming from a notable HBCU, living in South Africa around Apartheid, and the importance of science to the Black community.

Black Nerds Matter: Elliot Mcphatter

Elliot Mcphatter, a Marine ecotoxicolgist from Eckerd College discusses his upbringing in the midwest, the role his family plays in his scientific career and the importance of networking. 

Black Nerds Matter: Jada Alexander

Jada Alexander, a marine ecologist from UCSB takes a deep dive into her life as a scientist, mental health in STEM fields and her experience as a Black woman in marine biology

Treating Tampa Bay’s “Forever Chemicals” in Our Drinking Water

The EPA has recently set limits on PFAS hazardous "forever chemicals" in our drinking water supply. Find out from our local water quality experts how our water utilities plan to remove PFAS from our drinking...

Parasite may lead to ‘pandemic’ for sea urchins, according to new USF research

Listen: Researchers at the University of South Florida have discovered a marine parasite attacking sea urchins has spread to a new species and region. They’re concerned it’s becoming a pandemic for sea urchins. A parasite...

26 Essays On Walking. Vote For Our Planet.

Ways Of Walking – Edited by Ann de Forest Ways of Walking brings together 26 writers who reflect on walks they have taken and what they have discovered along the way. Some walk across forbidden...

Local middle school participates in a science experiment by NASA

A Florida Middle School is participating in a science experiment selected by NASA. They want to see if they can grow crops in moon soil.
The Scoop: WMNF Daily News Digest

The Scoop: Thurs., November 30, 2023 Tampa Bay & Florida headlines by WMNF

Transgender student rights Students walked out of a Broward County high school to support trans rights. A transgender student played on the girls’ volleyball team, leading to school staff being investigated.   Global temps foreshadow...
The Scoop: WMNF Daily News Digest

The Scoop: Tues., October 3, 2023 Tampa Bay & Florida headlines by WMNF

Social services reinstated In a controversial move last month, the Sarasota County Commission cut funding for various social service programs, including childcare and homeless services. However, the commission has now reversed the cuts.   Congressional...

Climate activist Susan Glickman says we must fix the source of the crisis not just build seawalls

Susan Glickman, who has been advocating for policies to address climate change for 20 years, told WMNF WaveMakers Tuesday that Florida is finally admitting it has a problem and trying to mitigate the effects of...

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