Debt forgiveness for struggling countries, Nurse Practitioner autonomy, and education as a civil right on today’s Radioactivity

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Joining us today is Andrew Hanauer,Campaign Director of Jubilee USA, a DC-based non-profit that advocates for national debt relief for struggling countries. Hanauer argues that great national debts prevent some countries, such as Greece, from developing thriving economies. Jubilee USA so far has won over $130 billion for national debt relief and debt cancellation.

Next: It is estimated that Florida will be short 7000 doctors by 2025. Can Nurse Practitioners fill some of that gap? We talk with Dr. Janet Dubois. Florida NPs are trained to work unsupervised, and many already work as primary care providers, but practices still must be supervised by a physician. Dr. Dubois argues this is an unnecessary duplication of services that is pricey and limits NPs’ abilities to work in under-served communities. She is currently lobbying for a Florida bill,alongside the Florida Association of Nurse Practitioners,that would allow NPs to work unsupervised by physicians.

Finally, Dr. Marcus Bright,the Executive Director of Education for a Better America discusses the reauthorization of No Child Left Behind and how education is the pre,mier civil rights issue of our time. EBA, in conjunction with National Action Network, will be holding a discussion on federal and state education policy at the University of South Florida’s College of Nursing Auditorium 1022 at 12901 Bruce B. Downs Blvd. in Tampa tonight at 7 p.m.