Why Muslim and Arab Americans are Refusing to Meet Biden a Conversation with Maha Hilal


This week on True Talk, hosted by Ahmed Bedier and Samar Jarrah on WMNF, we’re exploring a pivotal issue at the heart of Muslim and Arab American communities. The refusal to meet with President Biden and/or presidental campaign staff, underscores a profound discontent, rooted in his administration’s unwavering support for Israel’s actions in Gaza, which many have called a genocide, and his refusal to demand a ceasefire.

In a landscape where President Biden has voiced criticism against Islamophobia—highlighted by his condemnation of media portrayals such as the Wall Street Journal’s racist depiction of Dearborn as “Jihad Capital” and similarly discriminatory op-eds—there exists a stark contrast between words against media marginalization and actions (or lack thereof) related to Middle East Policy. This episode delves into the disconnect between public condemnations of Islamophobia and the administration’s policy decisions, particularly the support for Israel, drawing a line between media narratives and policy realities.

Joining us is Dr. Mahal Hilal from the Muslim Counterpublics Lab, offering insights into how these recent media portrayals and the administration’s policies impact communities on the ground. We’ll unpack the complexities of advocating for justice and dignity against a backdrop of geopolitical tensions and media scrutiny.

You can see the video version of the podcast at https://www.wmnf.org/muslims-refuse-biden-meeting/

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