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Welcome to the new! Thanks to everyone who made it possible.

We hope that this site will be well used by the community and our volunteers, so there will be lots of interactions, information, love and commentary.

You can still donate, buy tickets, check the playlists, listen live and to the archives, listen to the Source, and read the news stories.

There are a few new features too, and some things that have moved around.  The schedule is now under PROGRAMMING. You can also find a searchable page of playlists there too.

We want to create a database of local (loosely used-anyone on the West/Central Florida coast) musicians and bands. Look for the pages in the programming menu. If you like to find out how your band can be featured, please write [email protected]

Non-profits can still post events, and now music events can be posted as well. Look under the events tab. We still can’t put prices or pictures. If you want your event highlighted or sponsored, please contact Laura Taylor at [email protected] We will be adding community events over the next few days. If you post an event, please keep in mind that you should post at least 2 weeks before the event. Please email [email protected] if you need more information.

Did you know that you can shop at Amazon and a portion of your purchase dollars can go to WMNF? If you click through the Amazon box in the footer and shop that way, we get 5% of your purchase price! Sweet!

There is so much more. We are fixing it up and adding things all the time. If you want to comment or have a problem please email [email protected]

We are super grateful to Big Sea design and Webtent for their work on the site. We love you!