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Are you having trouble getting WMNF on your radio? Pirates may be the cause!

Radio piracy refers to signal interference by an unlicensed(illegal) broadcaster. If you hear what sounds like a different station than WMNF or some sort of interference on 88.5fm in the Tampa Bay area, there is a chance you’re picking up the signal of a pirate radio station.

Only the FCC has the authority to apprehend such broadcasters. WMNF is committed to helping the FCC, and so we’re collecting information to help track these illegal broadcasters. Please complete the form below and we will pass the information on to the FCC. Your information is private and will only be shared with the FCC.

WMNF is aware of pirate broadcasters affecting listeners in the Land o Lakes, Sarasota, and the outer edges of our broadcast signal. Please share specific information about these or other pirate broadcasters below.

And remember, our webstream at and on our app always has a clear signal!

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