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The Incarceration Nation

Alexandra Bailey calls in to the Forum to discuss efforts to end mass incarceration in federal prison. She talks about the bipartisan First Step Act...
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Hurricane Ian, one year later: A story of resiliency and hope

Hurricane Ian was the 3rd-costliest natural disaster to hit the U.S.: $115.2 billion in damages and 156 fatalities in Florida and elsewhere.
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Transgender and nonbinary people sue Florida over its “discriminatory” bathroom law

A federal lawsuit challenges a new Florida law requiring people to use public restrooms that align with their sex assigned at birth.
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The Scoop: Fri., September 29, 2023 Tampa Bay & Florida headlines by WMNF

Naples Capitol breacher caught A member of the ‘Proud Boys’ extremist group, who disappeared days before his sentencing in the U.S. Capitol riot case in...
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U.S. Supreme Court will weigh a Florida law restricting social media companies

The U.S. Supreme Court said it will take up a First Amendment fight about a 2021 Florida law that restricted major social media companies.
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Florida and a special district ask a judge to toss out a lawsuit alleging the state unconstitutionally retaliated against Disney

Attorneys for Gov. Ron DeSantis asked a judge to dismiss a lawsuit alleging Florida unconstitutionally retaliated against Walt Disney Parks.
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Early Cancer Detection with Dr. Whitney Jones MD

Dr. Whitney Jones, MD, Senior Medical Director at Grail, a biotechnical company, joins Dr. Fred Harvey on The Healthy Steps radio show to explore the revolutionary new AI cancer screening technology that could prevent the...

Dr. Bryce Appelbaum on why healthcare has it all wrong about the eyes

We welcomed Dr. Bryce Appelbaum, OD, FCOVD, on 2o23's inaugural Healthy Step Show on 88.5 WMNF Tampa and discussed the implications of capitalism on global health. He discussed how capitalism is eating humans alive, as...

“Ask the Dr. Anything” Dr. Fred Harvey answers your health questions

"The doctor is in" on the latest episode of the Healthy Steps Radio Show! In this special "Ask the Dr. Anything" episode, listeners called in with their most pressing health questions and get expert advice...

Best of The Healthy Steps Show 2022 (previously recorded)

The Healthy Steps Radio Show is a popular program that covers a wide range of topics related to health and wellness. In this special episode, we are taking a look back at the past year...

Gulf War Syndrome with special guest Dr. Laila Abdullah

Follow Dr. Laila Abdullahlah's mission to uncover the truth behind Gulf War Syndrome, an illness downplayed by the VA for decades that now affects nearly 30% of Gulf War veterans, as she and Dr. Fred...

Lyme Disease with special guest, Dr. Richard Horowitz

Dr. Richard Horowitz, the global expert on Lyme disease and author of "Why Can't I Get Better?", is here to discuss finding Lyme disease and dealing with the chronic Lyme disease symptoms. Here's what Dr. Richard...

Mastery Over Menopause with special guest Dr. Betty Murray

In this episode of Healthy Steps, Dr. Fred Harvey and Dr. Betty Murray discuss how the changes in estrogen metabolism that happen around the perimenopause period can lead to weight gain and other difficulties for...

Leaky Gut Syndrome with special guest Dr. Cheryl Burdette

When esteemed Dr. Cheryl Burdette joins Dr. Fred Harvey on the Healthy Steps radio show to discuss gut markers, they uncover the ironic truth that leaky gut, depression, and anxiety can be caused by diet...

Brain frequency & healing with special guest Steve Comer

Join Functional Medicine Doctor, Fred Harvey as he discusses brain health with Steve Comer. Steve is an Interpersonal Psycho Neurobiology Practitioner, Brain Health Trainer, Meditation Teacher, Educator, and Corporate Consultant for Neuro Change Solutions by...

The secrets of Esoteric healing with special guest Chuck Pisa

In this episode of the Healthy Steps radio show, Dr. Fred Harvey and his guest Chuck Pisa discuss the complementary energy medicine modality known as Esoteric Healing. Here's what Chuck Pisa and I cover: 1. How Esoteric...

“ask me anything” – Dr. Fred Harvey answers your health questions

Dr. Fred Harvey answers listeners' questions, including Once you are infected with E. Coli, are you more likely to get reinfected? What exercises does the Doctor recommend for someone living with peripheral neuropathy in the...

The microbiome: our invisible allies with Dr. Fred Harvey

When an autoimmune disease threatens our health, we must turn to our microbiome for help in restoring balance. You will learn that the microbiome – the collection of all the microbes living in and on...

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