abortion rights rally

MidPoint: abortion access in Tampa Bay

Volunteers with the Tampa Bay Abortion Fund discuss their work in the state, and what the future could be if Roe v. Wade is overturned.
Housing prices / rentals inflation / Homeowner assistance

How Florida homeowners and renters can apply for financial assistance

Financial assistance is available for Florida homeowners and for renters who have been impacted by the COVID-19 economy.

MidPoint: what’s the deal with property insurance?

Amid rising costs of living in the state of Florida and a housing crisis, homeowners' insurance is in a crisis of its own. Property insurance rates are rising astronomically, and the public outcry had led...
Pro-choice rally

Florida reproductive rights advocates react to the apparent Supreme Court draft decision to overturn Roe v Wade

Reproductive rights advocates in Florida react to the apparent Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe v Wade.
solar power solar pv solar energy

UPDATE: Bill opposed by the rooftop solar industry and environmentalists vetoed by Florida governor

A bill in the Florida Legislature could have the effect of limiting rooftop solar power; HB 741 is opposed by environmentalists.

MidPoint: Math Book Rejections Don’t Add Up

The Florida Department of Education's rejection of 54 mathematics textbooks just doesn't seem to add up. The claims of "indoctrination" through social-emotional learning, or the alleged inclusion of "prohibited topics" like critical race theory have...

We mark sexual assault awareness month by speaking with the Military Sexual Trauma Coordinator at Veterans Affairs in Tampa

WMNF mark sexual assault awareness month by speaking with the head of the Military Sexual Trauma department at Veterans Affairs in Tampa.
Florida redistricting

LWV of Florida says the governor has too much influence on Congressional redistricting

The 2nd VP of the League of Women Voters of Florida says DeSantis' redistricting map is an "unprecedented autocratic move by our governor."

MidPoint: City View with Patrick Manteiga

For over 100 years, Tampa has been the home of La Gaceta, the country's only trilingual newspaper and longest-running family-owned publication. La Gaceta has its fingers on the pulse of the city's politics and the...
medicaid not tax cuts

ACA’s Special Enrollment Period lets some people sign up now for Obamacare

Some people can sign up now for Obamacare under the Affordable Care Act's (ACA's) Special Enrollment Period.

MidPoint: Tampeño provides relief in Ukraine

As the tense war continues between Ukraine and Russia, one Tampa local has helped make an impact and provide relief to those in need. Mark Wright, a local Tampa attorney who recently spent time at...
Walt Disney World Florida map

DeSantis threatens to revoke special rules for Disney. Where did those exceptions come from?

Lately, there’s been a conflict between Republicans in Florida, including Governor Ron DeSantis, and the Walt Disney Company.

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