WMNF’s Buzzing!

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Phew… these WMNF funds drives are a real rush.

While it’s never exactly a calm place, the WMNF compound has been buzzing with volunteers and programmers this past week — everybody pitching in to raise money for your Community Conscious radio station.

And we did raise money. Over 2,000 people called in with pledges of $187, 861.31 when we ended the drive on Wednesday morning at 11AM.

So, first and foremost… thanks to all who made a pledge during the drive.  If you regularly pledge to WMNF, thanks for your continued support. If you are a new member, welcome aboard. I know my opinion is biased but I think it’s one of the best decisions you’ve ever made.  And if you’re a Circle of Friends member or a new Circle member, thanks for your commitment to WMNF.

You know this whole idea of listener-supported community radio doesn’t work on paper. If you tried to sell a venture capitalist on this idea, they’d laugh you out of their office.

Well, the laugh’s on them. It does work. It’s worked for WMNF for 36 years. The dreamers who went door-to-door to raise money to put this radio station on the air touched a nerve with all the other dreamers in Tampa Bay. And the dream is alive and well because – it turns out – there are still a lot of dreamers out there.

And they put their money where their dreams are and made a pledge during our Fall Fund drive.

But you know the tough thing about dreams? It turns out they are 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration. And we’ve still got some work to do.

Our goal for the Fall campaign was $240,000. That means we still have a little over $52,000 dollars to make up to stay on budget this fiscal year. That’s why you are going to be hearing your WMNF programmers still asking for pledges over the next few weeks. The drive is over, we are back to the regular programming you love, but the work continues.

In other words, if you haven’t made a pledge yet in our Fall Drive, it’s never too late. Call 813-239-9663 or go on line to WMNF.org. Support your favorite show that may have fallen short of its goal during the drive, or just make a pledge to support all the great programming on WMNF.

I never get tired of saying this because the truth of it stirs me to the core.

It takes ALL of us to keep WMNF alive and well and moving into the future. And the sense of community among WMNF listeners, supporters, volunteers and staff is intoxicating!

Thanks to all of you who pledged during the Fall Drive and are about to pledge right now!

Craig Kopp, GM