Women’s Show 6/15 – Toni Van Pelt Running for National President of NOW & Dr. Carol Paris on Health Care

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 Are we having any fun yet? 146 days and counting…..

 How about a knock-knock joke to cheer you up?


Who’s there?

The country.

What do you want?

To read the health care bill.

No peeking until the bill is signed.

Sorry, in these times, that is about the closest I can come to a joke!

Big events…..

Toni Van Pelt, who has been a guest on our show and has graciously helped us with fund drives, is running to be the national president of NOW.  She will talk about the richness and diversity of her broad background which not only makes her an eminently qualified person to be president, but is an inspiration to us all of the possibilities of being human.  Toni returns from a Youth Conference in Manilla today.

Health care anyone?

Are you having an luck getting that door open in the Senate?  No to worry.  Let’s discuss the possibilities of our own health care bill.  Carol Paris, MD, President of Physicians for a National Health Program, will bring us up to date on the status of the health care bill in congress, but also give us experience and ideas she gained from her years of medical practice.   Be the change you  want to see.  Why settle for the crumbs when you can bake a whole new cake? Tune into From a Woman’s POV  Thursday at 10 am.

Mary and Arlene