Women’s Show 7/26: Arnie Arnesen; Title X; Judge Kavanagh

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Did you ever feel that you were at the fulcrum point of a seesaw?  

Do you look back and try to address and understand that which you should have done, or do you move forward, not sure what you are working with and hope to come to a balance?  VERY IMPORTANT ELECTIONS coming up August 28th.  DEADLINE TO REGISTER IS MONDAY, JULY 30th.

We start with basics.  What is a Republican now?  What is a Democrat?  Is Trump any more of a Republican than Bernie Sanders is a “Democrat?”  What does the term civility mean  in the context of this kind of income inequality and the pillage of our rights and values?  Do these extraordinary times call for a different kind of political action than we are used to?  Is Maxine Waters out of bounds or is she impassioned for change?  Are people who call for the abolition of ICE radical or is the paramilitary approach of ICE radical?  ARNIE ARNESEN, political analyst extraordinaire and host of the daily show, “The Attitude” on WNHN in Concord, New Hampshire and a regular contributor to WGBH in Boston will give us her opinion.

Title X – Deadline for comment 

Meanwhile, in the world of policy, July 31 is the deadline for comments on new policies and rules for those who are recipients of Title X – which includes Planned Parenthood.  Is this a revision of Ronald Reagan’s gag rule?  If doctors and medical personnel are not allowed to give their full medical expertise to the patient’s inquiries, what does this say about our sense of control?  Dr. Jennifer Conti, a physician specializing in Obstetrics/Gynecology, is an advocate with Physicians for Reproductive Health.  She will give her analysis of Title X and also discuss the merits of Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court.


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