A Peculiarly British Christmas

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Christmas Pudding. Christmas Crackers. Pantomimes. Mince Pies. Boxing Day. Ah, yes, Boxing Day, if some of the other peculiarities of a British Christmas are explainable, Boxing Day remains a splendid conundrum. Christmas without Boxing Day is unthinkable in Britain. Forget what it’s really all about or where it originated from, December the 26th is certainly not a day to ignore. It’s a holiday, it’s about rituals and customs and eating leftovers and yes, drinking more. Not having Boxing Day would be tantamount to starting a revolution in good ol’ Blighty. Along with watching (or listening) to the Queen’s speech, it just wouldn’t be Christmas without Boxing Day. To help us explain this and other peculiarities of a British Christmas we invited the hosts and originators of Prompety Prompt a British game show and podcast. Letty Butler and Stephen Mellor are based in the once dour grim industrial city of Sheffield, now a thriving rejuvenated metropolis set in the stunning countryside of Yorkshire.  With their podcast, these two literary-minded folks shine a spotlight on new and existing writers with, (as they say) a twist. Having enjoyed their shows we thought it a fine idea to ask Letty and Michael to join Norman B for a conversation about the peculiarities of a British Christmas.