The Scoop: Weds. July 10th, 2024 Tampa Bay and Florida headlines by WMNF

After Beryl, the projections for hurricanes have increased. Meanwhile, textbooks in Florida have to change "climate change" references.
Saharan Dust via FPREN

Saharan dust arrives in Florida, with potential air quality impacts

Saharan dust in Florida is usually good news for taming tropical weather, but bad news for allergies and respiratory issues.
storm warnings and watches

Forecast for number of hurricanes this season goes up

Experts at Colorado State University increased their storm forecast for what was already expected to be an above-average hurricane season.
Homeowner's insurance property insurance

The cost of reinsurance in Florida declines

Florida property insurers found better prices and more availability when purchasing reinsurance coverage.
storm warnings and watches

Anatomy of a hurricane hunter plane

Hurricane hunters are elite crew that fly into the most powerful and dangerous storms on the planet.

The National Hurricane Center predicts an above-normal Atlantic hurricane season

The National Hurricane Center calls for 17 to 25 named storms, of which 8 to 13 could become hurricanes in 2024.
WFLA Chief Meteorologist Jeff Beranelli

WFLA’s Jeff Berardelli is one TV weatherman who doesn’t shy away from climate change

With the start of Hurricane season just 10 days away, WMNF WaveMakers with Janet & Tom on Tuesday (5/21) discussed the forecast and the impact climate change is having on severe weather with Jeff Berardelli,...

National Hurricane Center begins issuing outlooks, including a 7-day outlook

Currently, there are no tropical depressions, tropical storms or hurricanes expected to form over the next seven days in the Atlantic Basin.
hurricane preparation week via FPREN

Hurricane Preparedness Week 2024

The start of the 2024 hurricane season is less than a month away and there are early indicators of an active year in the tropics.
Hurricane Idalia storm surge Gulfport Florida wmnf

2024 is predicted to be a ‘very, very busy’ hurricane season

Colorado State University researchers issued a forecast pointing to warm Atlantic Ocean water that fuels storms.

Forecasters are watching three weather areas in the tropics; two could be named soon

Two tropical waves in the Atlantic have become more organized. They have a moderate chance to develop in the next several days.
sea temperatures July 2023

Hurricane season forecast update: Above-average activity expected

Researchers at Colorado State University now call for an above-average forecast for tropical cyclone season.

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