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Dr. Eric Eisenman discusses international organization he founded providing veterinary services, training to rural areas in multiple countries

Dr. Eric Eisenman discusses founding International Veterinary Outreach (IVO), which provides veterinary services and training to rural areas in countries sorely lacking both.

Project PUP has been sending therapy dogs on visits across Tampa Bay for 38 years

John Turner, the president of Project PUP, discusses the organization that, since 1984, has offered visits by therapy dogs to hospitals, nursing homes, and other facilities.

Director Allison Argo reflects on a quarter century of making acclaimed animal films

Writer-director Allison Argo is has spent more more than 25 years specializing in making often-acclaimed films about animals.

Katrina Shadix, founder of Bear Warriors United, discusses her efforts in bear advocacy: education, legislation, and what to do if you encounter a bear

Katrina Shadix—founder and executive director of Bear Warriors United (BWU), whose stated mission is to preserve and protect bears, and in carrying out that mission, engages in an array of advocacy and educational efforts—recounts her...

Pulitzer-winning staff writer for The Atlantic discusses his new book about animal senses

Ed Yong, Pulitzer-winning science writer for The Atlantic, discusses his new book exploring animal senses.

Dog trainer, behaviorist & former WMNF programmer Glen Hatchell answers listener questions on “Ask The Trainer”

We reprised “Ask The Trainer,” in which listeners are invited to call or email questions for dog trainer Glen Hatchell to answer about their dogs or cats, particularly involving behavioral issues.

Directors of new doc examining why the South is a repository for so many homeless dogs

Christina Thomas & Samantha Wishman are co-directors of “Free Puppies!,” a documentary examining rescue dogs transported from the South to the North for adoption, probing deeper into why the South is a repository for so...

Acclaimed doc filmmaker discusses shooting new wildlife series examining exceptional human/animal relationships, “The Bond”

Don Argott discusses “The Bond,” the new wildlife series he co-directed--now streaming on DiscoveryPlus--examining the exceptional animal-human connection forged amongst four folks and critters, from disparate backgrounds and regions of the world

Two experts on Florida wildlife discuss proposed changes to the state’s trapping regulations

Two experts on Florida wildlife, Katherine McGill and Kate MacFall, discuss proposed changes to the state's trapping regulations

Activist Kimberly Carroll discusses her transformation(s) and helping others transform

Kimberly Carroll— a veteran Toronto-based animal activist, leader, coach, and consultant—recalls in a "Talking Animals" interview, growing up in Manitoba, a sensitive child with a precocious connection to animals, yet like her family members and...

Spencer Conover traces journey from sports radio host to leader of Pasco County Animal Services

Spencer Conover— Assistant Director of Pasco County Animal Services (PCAS), whose work has received national acclaim, partly accounting for his being viewed as a rising star in the animal shelter world--traces his journey, in a...

Mark Reinfeld–award-winning vegan chef, author, educator–discusses his colorful career path and cultural shifts in attitudes about veganism

Mark Reinfeld— the award-winning vegan chef and author of numerous books, including “Healing The Vegan Way: Plant-Based Eating for Optimal Health and Wellness”—returns as a guest on "Talking Animals," this time offering more early biographical...

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