WMNF Volunteers are Award-Winning!

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We were a wee bit tardy in honoring our stellar WMNF Volunteers for 2018/2019, but a party was held on 8/18/19 at the Allendale United Methodist Church.

WMNF wishes to thank these sponsors & partners for their generous contributions to this event and many other station functions: The Hub Bar donated the adult beverages, RED MESA Restaurant Family (The original 4th Street location, downtown Cantina & Mercado, who made the food for the party), Harvey’s 4th Street Grill, Craft Kafé, Cider Press Café… Carole Shelton, Barbara Lewis, Bert Shelor & Patti Marsters, who made the centerpieces, everyone who prepared and brought a sweet treat to share… And the helpers who set up, picked up and served food & beverages, and cleaned up ~ You ROCK!

We especially wish to extend our sincere appreciation to Beth Jones, Chris Fulmer & Pastor Andy Oliver from the Allendale United Methodist Church for allowing us to hold this party in your Family Life Center. You are truly “WMNFers” at heart…!!

We couldn’t be here without the plethora of people who host music shows and create news programming, assist programmers, run the studio boards, engineer live music, film and video stream programs, transcribe content for the website, prepare or pick up food and volunteer at Marathons and in our library, assist the Administrative and Operations staff, (especially the “Green Team” garden crew), serve on our Board of Directors, Volunteer Committee and other committees, run our Development events and benefit concerts, help at outreach events in the community, tell friends and family about WMNF…Not to mention listening, donating money and giving feedback to the DJs!  The list is amazing when you really think about all it takes to keep our station strong and vital.  It truly boils down to you and You and YOU… Thanks so much!


Lifetime Achievement Award – Rev Pat Hauser

Nathan B Stubblefield Foundation Award presented by the WMNF Board of Directors – Lauren Adriaansen

New Volunteer of the Year (2019) – Carol Arenas

Volunteer of the Year (2018) – Frank Knox

Programmers of the Year (2018) – Linda Reisinger & Laurie Berlin, the LuLus

New Programmer of the Year (2019) – Joy Katzen-Guthrie

Overnight Programmer of the Year (2018) – Ira Hankin

News & Public Affairs Volunteer of the Year (2018) – Blannie Whelan

New News & Public Affairs Programmer of the Year (2018) – Tanja Vidovic

Operations Volunteer Appreciation – Bill Grace

The Dave Roosa Special Events Volunteers of the Year (2018) – Jan Simpson & Bill Brehm

Raffle Supervisor of the Year (2018) – Darlene Bunch

Administrative Volunteer Appreciation –  Charlie Cushing & JoAnna Kellogg

Vicki Santa Development Award – Susan Sampson

Membership Volunteer of the Year (2018) – Jim Drain

Desk Volunteers – Deborah LeMonde, Gabrielle Ayala, Anne Haywood, Doug Guido & Steve Burkett

Special Appreciation to JoEllen Schilke, for being the Volunteer & Outreach Coordinator for 7+ (nearly 8) years and still serving the Tampa Bay Arts Community with her long-running Friday 1pm – 2pm show, Art In Your Ear!!

Here are some pictures! Peace and Love, Miss Julie.

Eluv (Ultrasounds, Thurs 10pm – 12am), Randy Wynne (Thurs Morning Show, 6am – 9am and WMNF Program Director), Randy’s wife- Bert Shelor (Centerpiece-making Volunteer), Blannie Whelan (Winner of the News & PA Volunteer of the Year), Jhanavi Pathak (News Volunteer) & Jan Simpson (Board Op, Program Asst & Winner of the Dave Roosa Special Events Volunteer of the Year)

(L to R) Seated: Sara and Harrison Nash (360 Degrees of the Blues – Retired and Lifetime Achievement Winner 2003) – Standing: Award Winner – Blannie Whelan, Sid Flannery (Sat Bluegrass, 6am – 9am, Green Team Leader and Lifetime Achievement Winner 2016) and Carol Handley (Desk Volunteer)

Marcie Finkelstein (Tuesday Morning Show 6am – 9am) and Katarina Lauver (Thursday Morning Show 6am – 9am, WMNF Board Member and DJ for the Party!)

DJ Cen Flo (House Party, Saturday 8pm – 10pm) & Big Eddie G (Da Soul Kitchen, Monday 8pm – 10pm)

WMNF Development Assistant – Justin Garcia, Bert Shelor, Nancy Cox-Johnson (WMNF Board Member) and Randy Wynne

Claire Fenlon May (Urban Cafe, Sunday 9am – 10:30am) and Carol Arenas (Library Volunteer & Winner of 2019 New Volunteer of the Year)

Board Operator Team (L to R): Alvaro Montealegre, Bill Grace, DT (WMNF Operation Manager), Patty Perkey, Frank Knox (“Frankie Mopar”, Retro Jukebox, Wednesday 4am – 6am & Winner of Volunteer of the Year 2018), Jan Simpson

A pretty packed house!! (With Newsman Sean Kinane in the lower right corner)

Rev Pat Hauser (Gospel Classic Hour, Sunday 6am – 8am and Winner of the Lifetime Achievement Award 2018) and Miss Julie, holding the box to her award…

Miss Julie, at attention – Getting ready to honor another amazing VOLUNTEER! And thank everyone, for all you do for WMNF!