“All About Moms” on Morning Energy

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No matter where you are in the world, there is a day to celebrate moms. And although the celebrations of moms might not be on the same day around the world, there is a universal appreciation for mothers everywhere, that is affectionately known as, “Mother’s Day”.

“Mother’s Day”, which use to be called “Mothering Sunday”, did not get recognized as a national holiday in the United States until  May 8, 1914.  Nonetheless, since the dawn of time we have been thankful for our mothers.

Join me Renna, your Radio Flayme  Friday from 4 to 6 a.m. for another musical journey, where where we will spending time discussing topics such as: Death, Motherly Advice and Mama Boys.   I am definitely looking forward to spending time with you on the airwaves and sharing your energy!!! Hope you are able to tune in! If not you can always listen back for a week on the Morning Energy archives.