tornado from Hurricane Beryl 2024

Hurricane Beryl broke multiple records including a tornado outbreak

Beryl developed on June 28, 2024, and intensified to a Category 5 hurricane, the earliest ever recorded in July Atlantic hurricane.
Saharan Dust via FPREN

Saharan dust arrives in Florida, with potential air quality impacts

Saharan dust in Florida is usually good news for taming tropical weather, but bad news for allergies and respiratory issues.

The Scoop: Mon. July 1st, 2024 Tampa Bay and Florida headlines by WMNF

A hurricane strengthens to a category 3, and local governments now have the ability to ban the act of sleeping in public places.
GOES U weather satellite by NASA/Ben Smegelsky.

GOES U, the last and newest weather satellite launches from Cape Canaveral

A Space X Falcon Heavy rocket will launch the latest weather eye that will monitor weather in the Atlantic Basin as early as next summer.

It’s Lightning Safety Awareness Week – here’s what you should know

Florida is the deadliest state in the nation in terms of lightning. From 2013-2022 there were 51 people killed by lightning in Florida.

Dangerous heat in cars can be lethal to people and pets

This year, 18 children have died after being found in a hot car. And hundreds of pets die each year from heat stroke when left in a car.
tropical weather chances

National Hurricane Center is monitoring Florida for possible development as rain continues

The NHC is watching a disturbance in the Gulf of Mexico that could develop into a tropical system after it crosses Florida.

The Scoop: Tues. June 11th, 2024 Tampa Bay and Florida headlines by WMNF

Florida is focusing on crime. St. Pete has a new Youth Care program for young felonies. And Florida jails are using cards to solve unsolved cases.
fpren rain

Floods are possible; several days of rain in the Tampa Bay area and beyond

The deluge could be beneficial for the drought, but it can bring more problems because the ground is so dry in Florida now.

Storm season: follow trusted sources for your information. Here are some resources

During urgent weather events, stay informed. Identify where to go for trusted sources of information during emergencies.

The Scoop: Thurs. June 6th, 2024 Tampa Bay and Florida headlines by WMNF

Brush fires are becoming more frequent in the area, leaving to more burn bans. Meanwhile, Lakeland denies body cam video from Memorial Day weekend.

Dangerous record heat returns to Florida, rain is expected next week

Temperatures will feel between 105° and 110° F across much of Florida.

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