Great video about Musicians Wanted, one of WMNF’s live music shows

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WMNF has musicians here at the station on the air almost every day of the week. Sometimes they are touring bands stopping in to talk about their show, and other times they are local bands from all over our listening area.

One of the shows, Musicians Wanted, airs from 11pm on Sunday night to 1am on Monday morning. RJ aka Ryan Oreskovich has hosted different live and local music shows for WMNF over the last decade, and he is always bringing new musicians and new sounds to the airwaves. You can see the list of musicians coming up on his show page, and listen back to the past show.

RJ’s friends at FiveMedia made a nice short video about it all! It features Erica DiCeglie and her band, making good use of the studio. Yay piano playing!

Some of the other shows who pretty consistently have live music, artists or mixing are The Live Music Showcase, (Fridays 2-3pm); Grand National Championships, (Wednesdays 10pm-midnight); the It’s the Music (weekdays 1-3:30pm) and Traffic Jam (weekdays 3:30-6pm) strips; Florida Folk (Saturdays 9-10am); Hip Hop Flavors (Tuesday midnights to Wednesday 4am); Saturday Night Shutdown (Saturday midnights to Sunday 3am); Poetry Is (Saturdays 11pm-midnight). Plenty more WMNF programs have live guests a couple times a month.

You can listen to all of these shows live or in the archives, plus our New Sounds, The Source, and Soul School streams on or our new app. For more information, please check out our How To Listen page.

If you have questions about FivesMedia you can write them at [email protected]

Also, Erica made a really sweet promo video for coming on Musicians Wanted!