Peace on Earth and Good Will to Everyone from WMNF


We wish the best for all of our listeners throughout the year, but extra-much so over the holidays. The holidays remind us that there is the hope of light in darkness, and if we weren’t having such balmy weather, that Spring and Summer come after the cold of Winter. WMNF deeply believes the holiday message that we are all in this together; that it is better to give than receive (and we are giving you some fantastic programming, and some treats over these holidays), and it is important to remember those who have less than us.

The WMNF offices will be closed after 2pm on Christmas Eve, and open back up on Monday, December 27. The studios will be producing 24/7. You can always get in touch with the air studio by emailing [email protected], texting 813.433.0885, or calling 813.239.9663.

Our holiday schedule on the air~

monkees christmas

There are great specials scheduled throughout the weekend, and it is always fun when new people sit in. Pat Hauser, of Sunday morning’s Gospel Classic Hour, is starting off Christmas Day with 5 hours of music, from 4-9am.  Norman B, of Life Elsewhere, is filling in on Art in Your Ear (read his funny post here) at 1pm.

We’re positive that Live Music Showcase and then Ronny Elliott and his Rhythm Revival crew will do their usual fantastic shows. Bobbie Dusenberry of the Monday Traffic Jam is doing the Bumpy Ride, so that will be fun. Grrrl Power!

Saturday afternoon will have a different spin, with Mark Perfetti (LMS) sitting in on the 70’s Show, and Katarina Puric of Indie FM doing Saturday Asylum.

Monday gets a kick too, with Frank Knox, who usually does the Retro Jukebox, sitting in for Tom Mann on Country Jam. He will be playing the some very rare old country gems. Later that day Norman B is back doing Monday’s It’s the Music.

On Tuesday WMNF’s engineer, Dustin Hapli, will get back on the air with the Tuesday It’s the Music, and then Jim Drain will become a LuLu and do the Traffic Jam. And the infamous Bev will cover Talking Animals. Wow!

One last note~if you haven’t given to WMNF this year and still listen, please consider donating to our end of the year campaign. We want to keep getting better and better, and we can with your help. Your gift is of course tax deductible, and we hope that you had such a great year that you need a tax deduction! You can donate here, and thank you so much if you can do it. We still love you if you can’t, but we love you in a different way if you can!

Okay, another last note, here is a little video. Who remembers this from the tv when they were young? Thanks everyone, and peace to you and yours, and to all of us on this beautiful planet.


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