2022 elections

DeSantis and Crist face each other in the only debate for Florida governor

Florida's Republican Governor Ron DeSantis and his Democratic challenger Charlie Crist faced off in their only debate before Election Day.

MidPoint: Why Are My Electric Bills So High??

Monopolistic electric utilities in Florida have been caught cheating, scamming, and funding ghost candidates in our elections to maintain their outsize influence in State politics and keep their profits soaring.
University of Florida president candidate Ben Sasse

The graduate assistants union at the University of Florida opposes Ben Sasse as the lone finalist for UF president

We speak with the co-president of the UF Graduate Assistants United union, which opposes Ben Sasse being the only finalist for UF president.

Mutual Aid Disaster Relief helps Florida victims of Hurricane Ian by “sharing power with each other”

Mutual Aid Disaster Relief talked with WMNF about humanitarian relief and solidarity in Florida in the aftermath of Hurricane Ian.
Eric Lynn

Pinellas candidate for Congress, Eric Lynn (D), tells WMNF “I have committed to vote for the codification of the rights that Roe afforded”

Pinellas candidate for Florida's 13th Congressional District, Eric Lynn (D), interviewed on WMNF's Tuesday Cafe.

MidPoint: Legal issues in the news

Former Chair of the Florida ACLU Legal Panel James Shaw Jr. joined Shelley for an open discussion to share some of the interesting legal issues in the news.
Hillsborough County's suspended State Attorney Andrew Warren

Andrew Warren says his court hearing in Warren vs. DeSantis was a “win for truth”

Governor Ron DeSantis suspended the elected State Attorney in Hillsborough County, Andrew Warren; Warren will be on WMNF's Tuesday Café.
Hillsborough River (cropped)

Why have environmentalists and community leaders turned against Tampa’s plan to recycle treated wastewater?

Environmentalists & community leaders wanted to work with Tampa on options for reusing wastewater. But now they oppose the mayor's PURE plan.

MidPoint: DeSantis’ “Anti-Woke” Investments of State Funds

Gov. DeSantis announced a new "Stop Woke" policy to bar investments of State funds in companies or funds that adopt Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles. Florida will no longer consider using issues like climate...
schools classroom desks students

Florida teachers face issues like staffing shortages, cost of living and restrictive new state laws

Nancy Velardi, president of the Pinellas Classroom Teachers Association, talks with WMNF about education concerns in Florida.
Hillsborough State Attorney prosecutor

A Stetson Law professor weighs in on Andrew Warren v. Ron DeSantis

A law professor analyzes the lawsuit by suspended State Attorney Andrew Warren against Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’s action to suspend him.
m-cores toll roads protest. no roads to ruin coalition

Coalition celebrates FDOT’s pausing of a possible Florida Turnpike extension

The No Roads to Ruin Coalition was successful in stopping the expansion of toll highways through rural Florida. For now.

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