Thanks, WMNFLand!

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Why do people give to WMNF? Why donate, why volunteer? Why? Well, here are some of the answers given during our Fall Fund Drive:

We love everything about WMNF. been wanting to join circle of friends for a long time. Enjoying the freak show in my kitchen, cooking, and sipping wine.
Always some great music to relate to…
Every time I turn on the radio and hear your voice (
All Souls) I feel uplifted and know the show you have created will be great. Thank you!
Enjoy much of the WMNF programming and get value from the Public Affairs programs.
I enjoy the local programming and economic news.            All good–great job!     I listen all day Saturday.
Thanks for giving our scout troop a tour of the station!
My sister is a local musician and she really appreciates the support.
Here’s to another year of continued success!           Likes everything.           LOVES it all!
…listens all day long. Really likes the news and public affairs programs. Appreciates the music too!
Listens all day.           Love all the shows!         Loves WMNF!           The station is great!        
Love the shows–I think you took my list from my college radio station!
Fans for years–the more we listen to WMNF the more we want to listen.
Thank you for the great music.            Loves the Tuesday lineup!      Wednesdays are my favorite days.
I work nights, and WMNF gets me through.                Likes everything. Supports the station in general.
Like the show-listen to relax and wind down.             Calling the station that plays The Mavericks.
Love WMNF-keep it going! Misses Pat Chamburs. (
editor’s note: me too!)
WMNF is the best station around.              Wants to thank all the volunteers answering these calls!
Really fun shows Monday thru Friday for my drive home.        
I love the diversity. I raise naturally grown veggies and listen in the field to WMNF.
Loves the spirit of the station!        Loves everything especially the wonderful volunteers!  
Love WMNF. Circle of Friends member already. Dedicated to my father. If a broke college student can give, than so can you.
Jim says the St. Pete City Council loves Community Conscious Radio!
Likes it all. Teach the kids–to the music, to the masses. Keep playing the tunes–educate the masses!
I love your show–I’m a new listener (and donor).
Been listening for 20 years and donating for 10 years as a Circle of Friends.
Loves everything. Been listening since I was 15 years old. Loves partying with WMNF friends at Skipper’s.
Loves it all. Member since 1997.           Tell a friend–Join the Tribe.              Thank you to volunteers–this place is so wonderful.
Loves it all–rides in the car just to listen to WMNF!


This is just a small sample of your comments. Thanks to everyone who donated to this fund drive, and in the past. We have some big challenges ahead of us. We have to replace our tower so our signal remains clear and we can reach all of our listeners. We have to upgrade all of the broadcast equipment–equipment that has lasted a long time! And we have to make sure that we keep listening to our listeners and our community.

If you didn’t get a chance to give, of course you still can. You can support your favorite show, or give to the station in general.  From the bottom of our hearts, thank you.