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Bush's Positive Impact on the Economy

Matt Cowley about over 6 years ago

In case you've been thinking that the Bush Administration has somehow had a deleterious effect on the economy, consider the positive effect Bush has had on one small business:

Ramazan Baydan, owner of the Istanbul-based Baydan Shoe Company, has been swamped with orders from across the world, after insisting that his company produced the black leather shoes which the Iraqi journalist Muntazar al-Zaidi threw at Bush during a press conference in Baghdad last Sunday.

Baydan has recruited an extra 100 staff to meet orders for 300,000 pairs of Model 271 - more than four times the shoe's normal annual sale - following an outpouring of support for Zaidi's act, which was intended as a protest, but led to his arrest by Iraqi security forces.

via The Guardian

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Bush's Positive Impact on the Economy

Sign me up for a pair of those shoes!! The most positive effect Bush will have on the global economy will be when he leaves office and his regressive economic policies are scrapped. I'll be interested to see just how aggressively Obama will pursue the changes that are so badly needed.