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Vote on the next ALL SOULS Listener's Choice!!!

Scott Elliott about over 6 years ago

Show your power on All Souls by voting today for the next Listener's Choice. Select one of the following as your choice for the next musical spotlight. Here are your choices:

1 - Parliament/Funkadelic

2 - Rufus featuring Chaka Khan

3 - Squeeze

The final day for voting is Friday, February 20, 2009, so get voting either by emailing to or calling during All Souls on Fridays from 2-4 PM at 813-239-9663.


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Love the show

I was listening to the diva show, and kept thinking of stuff I had on vinyl... Don't know if you have a way to play vinyl, but an all vinyl all souls would be great. I left all my vinyl with my brother in Louisville and now am driving him crazy looking through my albums, saying "didn't I own that?" and "can you get it on cd?". If you have any old Renee Geyer, I'd love to hear it!

DON"T love the show . . .

I MISS THE RHYTHM VAULT ! ! ! Friday afternoons are no fun anymore . . . I don't like listening to this DJ talk . . . I miss Jeffy's wit and humor and insight . . . one hour on Monday nights is not enough . . . Sorry!

Some People!!!

It is so amazing how idiot's have such opinions on things but no tact. Good riddance, I say and keep away!! I happen to love BOTH shows. Each is great in its own way. Scott - Take Obama's lead and stay cool amongst these morons who have nothing better to do than insult!!! Keep up the great work!!!

Live & Let Live

"If someone criticizes me I am not any less because of that. It is not a criticism of me but critical thinking from him. He is expressing his thoughts and feelings, NOT my being" - Hugh Prather,author, minister, and counselor "There are those who resist change. That's ok. But those who accept change have the opportunity to perhaps grow, sometimes from child to adult" - Scott Elliott, host of ALL SOULS

My Choice is

Squeeze Please, Thats one band that never seems to be outdated. Loving the mix on Friday's....Can't get enough!!! Thanks for the Listener's Choice:)

All Souls

Thanks for the Jeff Buckley Scott. Made my day!!