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The Executive Editor Of The St. Petersburg Times To Discuss The paper's Unique History And The Troub

Rob Lorei about over 6 years ago

Join Rob Lorei as he interviews Neil Brown, the executive editor at the St. Petersburg Times about the paper's ownership and the problems facing the newspaper industry. What are the paper's plans for the future? What about the much talked about rivalry with the Tampa Tribune? Will we even have newspapers ten years from now? Tune in at 1:05PM this Thursday!

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Senior Editor/ Days

The book Neil mentions, Tampa Bay Through the Times, is available at or at the front counters of Times' offices.

St. Petersburg Times is stalwart of quality journa

The St. Petersburg Times is even under the most dire economical environment trying to support quality journalism. This is a vital contribution to the democratic process at local and state level. It is worrisome that many other papers are either unwilling or unable to fulfill this important function for our communities. I wished many Newspaper executives could listen to Neil Brown's inspiring message. They might be able to take bits and pieces and use it to improve their own struggling operations. The time to adapt in a way to keep quality journalism alive is running out. Fast.